Wednesday, February 1, 2017

VIDEO: #MuslimBan #Trump is not a ban on Moslems. Ban on all of us #Uganda #31years

In 2016 as we were wondering what to do to reclaim Uganda, Frank Gashumba suggested that we do defiance in a way that Uganda has never done.

He posted that he had eaten breakfast at home and I think he even packed his own lunch.  Many Ugandans did not see this for what it is.  In Canada and USA, most of us eat breakfast at home and most of us pack our own lunch bags and do the same for our children for school.

Ugandans frequent businesses for all meals and these businesses pay taxes which then keep Museveni in power.

A friend of mine from Cameroon told me about the Ghost towns.  I thought it was fantastic.  People stayed at home.  People stopped spending money.

Us as Ugandans, if we took one week off spending money which enriches the first family and keeps the dictator in place, we could make a difference.  The most despotic leaders need money.  Cut off the money.  I was told that children need school fees.  For what?  What if they skip one term?  The performance on the national exams is horrible unless they go to the private schools in which the investors are the thugs who impoverish you.

If the boda bodas, matatus, buses park and not drive, people will not go to work. If restaurants do not open, even the army and policemen will be hungry and join in the fight for liberty.

If the lawyers refuse to go to the courts, the indispensable corrupted justice will not be dished out.

If the medics do not go to hospitals, people will die.  But in this case we need the ones who work in the public hospitals to go to work.  We just need the ones who work in the expensive private hospitals to stand in solidarity with us and refuse to show up so that all the rich people can see the pathetic state of the public hospitals.

If the lecturers at Makerere University do not show up, you all know that Kampala International University or UCU have nothing to offer for they are so half baked Uganda's academic standing globally is based on Makerere.

If we refuse to use Mobile money, Museveni does not get his share.

If the farmers refuse to take their produce to the markets (and they might not have a choice if transportation is curtailed), people will starve and demand for better.

These are very simple things.  They do not require us to go into the streets and see our kids being shot dead.  No one can come to your house and force you to open your shop.  No one can force you to drive your matatu or boda boda.  Just ensure that it is empty and make them come see you with a jerry can of fuel.

AND for crying out loud, stop the stupidity of campaigning for jobs in Museveni's government if you are opposition.  You only legitimize him and then prove to us that you are one and with him.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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