Saturday, February 11, 2017

#UN envoy to #SouthSudan warns of more atrocities as fighting intensifies

The United Nations has warned of continuing conflict in Southern Sudan and said it will likely to more disasters.

Special Envoy of the United Nations dealing with prevention of homicide, Adama Dieng, said more than a thousand people have fled to Uganda in the last month alone and have been talking about the killing of civilians, destruction of homes and sexual violence perpetrated during the current fighting.

He said he was shocked at the situation in the town of Kajo -keji which is near Juba where a squad of security guards of the United Nations arrived there on Sunday.
After gaining its independence in 2011 Southern Sudan was embroiled in a civil war in 2013 and lead to approximately three million people being displacement.

More than six million people, half the population of the country is said to be in need of  urgent assistance.

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