Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#Uganda's president #Museveni, his brother Saleh continue to hoodwink the masses

Farmers in Kabale district are questioning the distribution of farm inputs under Operation Wealth Creation (OWC), a government program started to enhance household participation in commercial agricultural production.

The initiative, which runs under the National Agricultural Advisory Services (Naads), is used for community mobilization, distribution of agricultural inputs, and facilitation of agricultural production chains across the country.

Coordinators in Kabale say that they supplied 10,000 apple seedlings to farmers across the district late last year.  But persons, whose names appear on the list of beneficiaries, have disowned the contents of the report.

Kabale district vice chairperson, Bridget Asinga Tumwesigye says that although she is listed among recipients of apple seedlings, she has never received any apple seedlings and her name was included on the list without her knowledge.

Tumwesigye adds that her investigations indicated that several farmers, who were included on the list, never received the inputs, while others received less that what's recorded in the report.

“I have never seen these apples [seedlings] but I had applied for them. Eventually, the apples, which were received by the Kyanamira sub-county, were not enough. Unfortunately, later on, I learnt that I was among those who benefited. I went to the office of wealth creation operator [and] I found that my name was appearing among those who benefited. Actually some of them [farmers], they signed for them [yet] they did not receive the apples,” she said.

Similarly, Kabale district leaders have said that most of the farmers' whose names appear in the report have never received the seedlings. They add that many of the names in the report do not exist in the district records.

They want the OWC secretariat to investigate the distribution. Johnson Baguma, the Kabale district secretary for production, marketing and natural resources says that his office has received information indicating that some coordinators used 'mercenaries' to sign on behalf of eligible farmers.

Baguma says that district is undertaking an assessment of the distribution to ensure that the initiative doesn't lose track and that locals remain the primary beneficiaries.

“Some were receiving two, others four, five. Really? These cant make people get out of their poverty. We are yet to mount an operation in the whole district to assess how many farmers benefited [and] if there is really any value for money. Because you cannot get out of poverty if you are just getting two apples [seedlings]…We shall investigate. The vice chairperson said she did not receive. It is true she did not receive, may be somebody got them and signed on her name” said Baguma.

However, Lieutenant Colonel Charles Tebarura, the Kabale district OWC coordinator rubbishes as baseless, accusations of supplying apple seedlings to ghost farmers.
Tebarura insists that his office received only ten thousand apple seedlings from the secretariat and were distributed to recommended farmers. He declined to reveal the number of farmers that benefited and how many seedlings they were getting.

“Some of those leaders you are talking about, some of them, I don’t want to mention their names went most especially in Kyanamira and requested for some. In fact, one of them wanted 100 but because they were very few, who, he or she or whatever was given 50. Of which the 50 she did not pick. We were there stranded with those things but the same person came back to the district to complain that Kyanamira people have rejected the apples”, Tebarura said.
OBSERVER  Kabale farmers disown wealth creation beneficiaries list

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