Friday, February 17, 2017

#Uganda's #Museveni invests in the uneducated


If the late Benedicto Kiwanuka was to come back today or any other great educated Ugandans that passed away before 1985 what would they say about Uganda as it is today? It's a shame that we have had a regime in power for over 30 years and counting and this regime values the uneducated over the educated citizens.

The country has so many Engineer, Medical, accountants, psychology, teachers and you name it graduates, but we import foreign engineers to do what our own educated children can do. Why do we have education in Uganda at all? America has become what it is today mainly because of foreign educated immigrants. America has a system of enticing foreign graduates specifically Engineers and Medical professionals with an H1B visa to come and work in America. The founder of Apple, the late Steve Jobs, his father immigrated from Syria and his son formed Apple because America rewards its educated students instead of forcing them out of the country.

Uganda has so many Engineering and Medical professionals that cannot find jobs either in private sector or civil places. Recently Museveni had selected the King of Busoga as an ambassador and he said that he paid the king's school fees and therefore he must be employed. How many parents have been paying school fees for their children and are unemployed? It's all about Museveni. Tax payers paid for the king's school fees that money did not come from M7's pockets.

Ugandans abroad contribute to their host country's economy and the beneficiaries are those countries while Museveni and Kayihura are hell bent on forcing those that oppose dictatorial rule out of the country. Let us be serious for once. You cannot have an uneducated woman leading the education department and expect to have no problems in schools.

The first thing that came out Janet's mouth as a minster of education is to force all parents to have food flasks and Tampons. What? You are unemployed not because it's your fault. It is the government's fault. If you're unemployed five years ago, what has changed in your life to give you hope that you will soon be employed? #MuseveniMustGo!


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