Friday, February 17, 2017

#Uganda's #Museveni & his FRONASA thugs were responsible for Bishop Luwumu's death


Let us get the record straight regarding Bishop Luwumu's death. Those that are old enough saw what Uganda Television covered on the news regarding the discovery of weapons at Namirembe Cathedral compound planted there by Ugandans in exile in Tanzania. These weapons were planted by FRONASA.

After the weapons were planted disguised in a Pepsi-Cola truck, Museveni wrote a letter to Amin through his contacts from State Research Bureau or SRB informing Amin that the intelligence had discovered a plot to overthrow his regime through the church of Uganda and weapons were recovered in the compound of Namirembe Cathedral. It is well known that Museveni had planted moles in SRB mostly Rwandese a fact M7 has acknowledged publicly.

Amin fell for the trap and summoned the Bishop to Nile mansions with his two ministers that were also implicated. The Bishop was alleged to have died in an accident trying to overpower the driver but the driver of that car is still alive hiding in Khartum in Sudan. He is afraid to return to Uganda and any sane person should ask himself/herself why would he chose to stay in exile when Amin is not in power today? We can still find out the truth by exhuming the Bishop's body and carry out an autopsy and determine how these people died. Yes dead people do tell their stories through forensic science but being the murderer Museveni is, he will never entertain such.

Those that are in power today know exactly what led to the death of the Bishop among which are Rugunda, Otafiire, and that banker robber Jim Muhweezi and others. This was part of the fight Museveni was involved in when he told the nation that he fought for 50 years but nobody dared to ask him to explain what that war was all about.

Our country has gone through rough and turbulent times and millions of Ugandans have innocently lost their lives so that Museveni can grab power and tell us that he is not serving Ugandans.  Those that want the truth about what truly happened from 1972-85 as far as Museveni's lust for power can get it. We need to get more information from the driver of the car that the Bishop was alleged to have had an accident in before this gentleman passes on but Museveni would dare not do it.

STOP THE MADNESS.                      
PS: Many Museveni apologists blame Amin for his brutality did you see what M7 did to the people of Kasese? Would you expect Amin to sit by and sing Kumbaya my lord when his hold onto power is threatened? Do these people have any common sense at all?

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