Friday, February 17, 2017

UGANDA's land of milk and honey finally dries up

In Western Uganda. Famine has reached alarming levels.

Men eat pop corns and drink alcoholic porridge (umqomboti) for dinner.

Don't ask me about breakfast and lunch, to them those are rare luxuries.

Women eat hot porridge for dinner and accompany it with boiled beans and steamed amaranthus(doodo).

Children entirely depend on gathering fruits-thank God for the fruitful mango season! This is the situation in the so called land of milk and honey!

I don't know what the situation is like in the lands of the so called "Abacope" Museveni should help himself and commit suicide.

If you are born in western Uganda, and you still have bragging rights, you haven't visited your home village for a year!!

Those in Kampala preparing to go to the land of milk and honey, pack enough food!! Or else you will yawn waiting for dinner and all you will be seeing will be men massaging and caressing cups of UMQOMBOTI and munching popcorn like monkeys munching maize.

The next you will hear will be bedtime prayers and hastily said Good nights.

Museveni should help himself and die, at least we can afford to mourn him for a month, if he so wishes.



Martha, your drone must be hovering over my compound these days!


Having returned to the village on December 9th for holidays, I've already got a new picture.

The once yielding banana plantation is a spaceous lot of independently standing plantains. Hardly any promising tree!

Yesterday night, we survived on counted irish tubers per head.

Feeling weak due to hunger, I had decided to stay in bed till they called me for lunchtime porridge today.

Luckily, I came with 50kgs of maize flour after mum alerted me of the situation.

At eleven, my daughter 3yrs called me and said she wanted food!

I madly ran out of bed, picked my hoe and went to dig.

A day's labour wage which had gone for six to seven thousand shillings is now at 3000 or two cupfuls of maize flour!

God is yet to intervene, if He wills.

Thanks for the mangoes which yielded unusually.

But still, if you don't have a mango tree on your land, save some money ready to buy a reasonable amount of maize flour in case your child is arrested near someone's mango tree.


Asesh Datta (responded on Linkedin)
Center Director at ETechguys Software Training Institute
Martha Leah Nangalama Experiencing 'Famine' generally goes along with under-developed arid, dry regions. Less monsoon, poor land for vegetation and weak economic condition are the factors. Coupled with these, poor food leads to weak health and then over population of sick population. Then comes a divide in the society of 'haves' and 'have nots'. Some have good food with the money and rest dying out of hunger on the streets. Civil war erupts and more damage as the society only depend aids and donations.

World produces enough food to feed the entire global population. Distribution and food habits may be of some concern. If people are fed well, then their developments come easier. Food also plays a major constituent in economy. Rest of the world will need to address Uganda's famine issue seriously. Famine is always caused either naturally or man-made lawless acts. Dying of hunger is one of the greatest curse any individual can suffer. Please address the concern and eradicate from the face of the globe. Regards

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