Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#Uganda's dictator #Museveni is in his last days

Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe

Fallen regime.

[The Ugandan Nation is Dying – Ugandans wake up! – An urgent call by Rabba Naga, the senior Ugandan freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp - 15/02/2016]

Many times I wonder whether Ugandans were given sleeping concoctions to keep dizzy or totally unaware of their surroundings.

These pages and many other people warned early last year about the coming devastating drought. We Warned about a collapsed economy and the simmering instability in the region. Unfortunately, few comprehend these truths, either because of prejudice or low capacity to comprehend issues. Whatever the case, it alters nothing. What will be will be. The group that would help understand the issues is the so called middle class, which itself is just a hoax. I don’t subscribe to the nonsense that anybody who earns $2 a day is now middle class or some of those irrelevant benchmarks used. Earning 2 dollars a day may pull you from the extreme poverty bracket, i.e., those below the poverty line, but definitely does not lift you to a middle class status. That the middle class yardstick of, say, a Portuguese should be different from that of an African is silly… As usual, this crap has been brought in by our traitor leaders who get obsessed with statistics even when they don’t make sense.

I heard president Obama once say we can determine middle class according to people's aspirations! Incredible utterance from a president of his stature. Not wealth, not spending power, not even what we earn, not even better living conditions, our people are living in conditions not fit for animals! If we had a middle class of even 3% here, supermarkets like Uchumi, Shoprite, etc., wouldn’t be leaving the country. Banks would not be leaving. Our national parks wouldn’t be empty and hotel residence and conference occupancy would not be at 5% or less. Some are at zero occupancy rate...

So forget the estimates of Ugandan middle class at10%. Even the few who would qualify to be middle class are just political economic appendages with non-resilient economic bases and play no meaningful role in wealth creation and in fact produce nothing. They live off the state and are the key factor in the corruption industry which has devastated the country. (Really, state elite stealing from the state and officials of "state organisations” and NGOs)
This question of lack of a middle class is a serious impediment to African growth and transformation. Imagine Africa with about 1.15 billion people now, middle class is estimated at 18 million people. Just over 1%. We should be able to tell wealth and progress and not be lost in deceptive statistics. For they get real in peoples' lives. They are not invisible spirits. For instance, we can easily tell the shift in progress in china, for instance, Chinese consumer spending grew from $1.5 trillion 2007 to $4 trillion last year, about 39% of its GDP. while that of Africa and Uganda in particular, mainly due to governance issues which result in instability and wars and regional refuge influx, economies are not only in recessions but people cannot even afford to buy foods in the markets. Plus, the fact that the agricultural sector which employs over 80%of our people has completely collapsed.

Even the CORRUPTION INDUSTRY which Mr. Museveni weaved into a political tool for political survival, and became a POWERFUL MECHANISM FOR CONTROL through reward and punishment, is finding its limitation. After leading to the collapse of the state, now it is began eating its own children if you know the story of THE CRANE BANK.

We are in very unpredictable times comrades. I heard the minister of Agriculture Hon Sempijja say in parliament that government didn’t budget for emergency expected hazards as we witness in the current drought. Many UN agencies started warning government in 2015. Then he said they mobilized 10bn Uganda shillings.

I then heard that in neighbouring Kenya they budged for almost 40bn Kenya shillings as emergency hunger fund and they have decentralized relief management to the nearest convenient community unit. So far they have released 15bn Kenya shillings (15 billion (k), in Uganda money over 500bn first release) . And they have a parish and village committees to work with government agencies.

Now here I heard a lady MP ask Mr. Sempijja in parliament, when he, Sempijja said Uganda government had released 10 billion shillings! She asked; "you released it to who? When? What did it do? Poor minister just sat down.

That is the state of our country. But what surprises me, the wonderful opposition are sleeping just like their government. According to government, Minister Ecweru said there are 1.5 million people facing starvation (death) as of today. Though some UN agencies have put it at 2.7 million. But that is not important because we are not supposed to loose even one Ugandan to hunger, with a 1/3 of Uganda covered by water. It is just criminal. And the drought may go on to the month of May. So we may have 7 million or more people facing starvation by April. So far, from Isingiro to Karamoja, over 82 people have died due starvation. And Ugandans? They are singing KISANJA AKUNA MICHEZO!

The Baganda would say......... omukazi Omuyima yabalogela kukisaabo...... !!!

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