Sunday, February 19, 2017

#Uganda's #BunyoroKitara King survives assassination - #Kasese #Genocide

REMEMBER #MUSEVENI HATES CULTURAL INSTITUTIONS AND WILL ABOLISH THEM. Some of you might want to keep in mind that Bunyoro Kitara is the heart of Museveni's Oil.


Police at the weekend released a report on an alleged plot to poison the Omukama of Bunyoro Kitara, Solomon Gafabusa Iguru I.
According to the report, the claims and suspicions about the said assassination were not sufficient to warrant or sustain a criminal prosecution. The director of public prosecution advised that the file be closed.

“The file has been put away but investigations do not stop. Should new evidence surface, the case will be reinstated,” Ms Susan Kasingye said as she read out the report to the King in the presence of his wife, relatives, eminent persons and members of his cabinet.
Ms Kasingye, now the in-charge of electoral offences, led the police probe while she still served as the in-charge of special investigations.

The Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom prime minister, Mr Norman Lukumu, welcomed the report, saying it was long overdue.
“We are interested in the truth, peace and stability. I will set up an ad hoc committee to study the report and guide us on the next appropriate action,” Mr Lukumu said.

The Bunyoro affairs state minister Mr Ernest Kiiza assured the King that President Museveni had provided sufficient security to him and his royal family members.

“Government is committed to ensuring that the King is safe and peace and stability prevails,” Mr Kiiza, who is also the Masindi Municipality MP, said.

Lt Col Ndahura Atwooki Birakurataki, the Director of Criminal Intelligence led a team of senior police officials that released the report.

According to Mr Ndahura, members of the royal family, the Ababiito, wrote to President Museveni demanding that the report be released. The President instructed the Inspector General of Police, Gen Kale Kayihura to ensure that police release the report.

Witness account
According to police, it is alleged that on February 8, 2015, the King’s cook Christopher Byaruhanga, 21, was preparing tea that was meant to be served to the King. He reportedly stepped out of the kitchen to collect firewood when he witnessed security lights go on and off.

On looking in the direction of the kitchen, Byaruhanga allegedly saw an armed man dressed in a police uniform, who he suspected to be Bosco Businge, a special police constable who had been deployed at the palace.

According to the report, Byaruhanga pursued the man who fled from the scene and vanished in the bush.

Upon returning to the kitchen, Byaruhanga is reported to have witnessed littered sackets of rat poison. He became suspicious and did not serve the tea. He allegedly reported the matter to the King’s Principal Private Secretary (PPS), who in return reported the incident to Hoima Police Station.

The police collected exhibits and interrogated people at the palace including UPDF Royals guards. The royal guards said the incident was not reported to them and they did not witness any person enter or exit the palace at the time of the alleged incident.

Ms Kasingye said the main witness in the incident, Christopher Byaruhanga fled after the incident. Police say attempts by investigators to interrogate him on January 29 while he was in Masindi were futile since he mobilised a mob to lynch the investigators.

Police dismiss Omukama assassination attempt

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