Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#Ugandans now use #Kasese massacre to defraud poor people - #Mumbere

The Spokesperson Foolery is eating up Rwenzururu Kingdom

This afternoon  I have learnt of the plans of the Spokesperson and other Ghost committee members planning to distort money from the subjects in the name of helping the King out of crisis.

The message that has been making rounds on social media platforms is depicted below
As you are aware of the King's health, all his medication is out of stock, the royal household is also running short of food, the working committee is also running short of funds to facilitate operational costs for the lawyers(fuel, photocopying) as they try to follow up the guards and other people in prison. On behalf of OBR, I wish to request every Munya Rwenzururu, welwishers and supporters to contribute towards the above. Contributions can be sent to Ithungu Sarah Masereka on 0785540840 or 0755162800 Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu. Kindly offer your support. Every coin counts.
The matter of asking subjects for money would be a total humiliation to the subjects and the King.

Author's name withheld.

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