Friday, February 24, 2017

#Ugandans finally lose hope in political party they thought could liberate them @FDCOfficial1

It is with a broken heart that I pen this letter to my friends in #FDC.  It is not my first time to talk to you friends and frenemies. Actually, you are in every waking and sleeping moment of my life!

You see, like all the hundreds of missing youth that no one will ever account for, I too believed in FDC. But my spirit is finally broken.

Most of you attacked JPAM with relentlessness without even stopping to think that Dr. Besigye and Gen. Sejusa were friends with JPAM.  Did you ever stop to think that even Gen. Mugisha Muntu is friends with them too?  But you are so ahead of us you did not stop to think because you know everything.  It is very hard to work with people who know everything.

Who is the enemy?  Right now it is Mugisha Muntu. Previously it was Mbabazi.  Before that it was Museveni.  Gen. Sejusa is one of those everyone vilifies so he is no longer an enemy to anyone. Right now it is Mugisha Muntu who is the biggest enemy in Uganda.  I need weed to understand how low FDC has fallen.  At one point in time it was actually Nandala Mafabi (well, okay, I should have fought you on that too) but can you believe you have reduced Ugandans to focusing on Muntu instead of him who shall remain nameless?

WAIT, I am not done yet.

During the previous elections, supporters from all the candidates (the real ones) were arrested and many remain unaccounted for even Museveni supporters mind you (poor kids who were playing games, I do not even care).

FDC has far too many intelligent vengeful people they refuse to listen to anything except Besigye. But Besigye is only one man and he has paid a big enough price and yet you all cannot function without him.  Then in this case you should buy that rice for sh. 50,000 per kilo.

Were I to be a leader in anything, I would hate that my followers cannot survive without me because sometimes I actually black out and I am not reachable so that does mean that business has to stop till I wake up?  WAIT, let me grab a coffee.

There are so many ways we can all work together to #MakeFDCStrongAgain but we are tired.  We are so tired of your in fighting.  We are tired of Mugisha Muntu vs. Dr. Besigye.  We are tired of Winnie Kizza campaigning for Museveni while having her hand held by that witch called, I forget her name. The one who replaced Musisi.  We are tired of Besigye jet setting as Karamoja is dying of hunger.  In fact, we are angry of you all mobilizing food for Isingiro (was it Luweero) where apparently 3 people had died with their cows when Karamoja buries people daily in the little land they have left from the Gold Mines owned by over 100 none registered mining companies. Mind you after some key people in FDC stole their cows and took away their guns.

We are tired of massacres like Kasese while FDC takes a cow, goat and matooke to Makerere to enforce an "open the school within 10 days or else". How did that work out for you all while Kasese was being bombed?

We were a bit shocked (of course I was flabbergasted) to learn that there was a previously arranged birthday cake and the party had to go on despite the fact that people were being killed in Kasese.  AND you know what, you people proceeded to Mbale while Kasese was trying to locate their dead children.  AND you think I will ever forget you going to Mbale to build structures as my brothers and sisters in Kasese were mourning and still are and many cannot locate their missing relatives? I have jumped off flights to come home for a kid having a fever but your people were being killed amasse and the party had to go on.

But you FDC, you can really hurt us.  Among the turmoil, you are fighting over EALA seats.  Sure, the money is good. Some $7,000 as salary, $3,000 for housing and other amenities.  Does EALA cure ebola?  Do you have any idea of the message you are sending to Ugandans by fighting over these seats and going all over Facebook?  Or did someone forget to tell you that Social Media is Global forums?  AND exactly how do you expect Ugandans to think you are opposition when you are crying like little girls for Museveni to appoint you?

Then exactly what do we tell the international donors and lenders of why we need a change in government when you of all people act like gluttons and do not show any care for us?

May God bless Dictator Museveni to rule until he dies and then even in his grave.  This is the point where FDC has sunk.  You had nothing on JPAM.  You expended a lot of energy attacking him daily and he remained silent.  He still is silent and likely laughing at how you are self destructing. As for Museveni, he is likely reading this and saying "she may be a critic but she says truth".

If FDC hates Mugisha Muntu, then why did you allow him to hijack your party for of course you did not elect him? When Besigye, Nandala Mafabi and Muntu make statements, we shall all listen.  So far, they have not and it would be prudent for all you all in FDC to wait for your leaders to talk instead of making us hate your party via your anger on Social Media to the point where some of us wanna scream "PLEASE, anything but FDC". Stop it. Tuli bakoowu.  AND if you think this is a rant then you are not paying attention.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Party Affiliation is - well, prove to me that you will serve my people or else I am your opposition.

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