Tuesday, February 21, 2017

#Ugandan artists release hit song - tired of #Museveni dictatorship

Sent by Dr. Vincent Magombe


The Ugandan musicians are writing and singing the sad history of Museveni dictatorship.

This song, in Luganda language, is one of the many that so accurately narrates:

- how Museveni and his cronies have looted the country dry, through incredible levels of corruption, cronyism and nepotism;

- how Museveni hoodwinked many Ugandan people, wooing them to the bushes of Luwero to fight for what they believed to be a new democratic Uganda, only to end up over 30 years later with a Museveni family Oligarchy, one-man rule and the "I work for myself and my family only” political ethic;

- and how Museveni is a heartless killer and iron-hearted man, who will go to any length, even committing genocide to maintain his grip on an unwilling population.

The song challenges Ugandans to stand up and fight for the nation's freedom.
Free Uganda is grateful to these brave and patriotic musicians and calls on the rest of the country to emulate their example for the good of Motherland today, tomorrow and the future.

The Struggle continues.

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