Thursday, February 23, 2017

#Uganda university graduates cannot communicate in English, the official language

Margaret Wamanga, presenter of the 95.9 Touch FM mid-morning, mainly Rock music show "Most Wanted", pictured shortly after she got off air on July 15, 2015.

She's one of the very, very few radio or television presenters in Uganda fluent in English, in a country facing major challenges with its official language.

This is a country where the majority of university-educated Ugandans, including most radio presenters, pronounce the word found as "fond" and the past tense of win as "won" (like "hon", rather than as "wan" or "one").

In spite of millions of dollars pumped into education both private and government-funded over the last 25 years, the standard of English, written and spoken, has degenerated to the point where a massive crash programme might be needed to take university-educated Ugandans back to school to learn the basics of primary-level English.

(PHOTO: Timothy Kalyegira/Kampala Express)

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