Thursday, February 16, 2017

#Uganda runs out of water for minor places like barracks and hospitals though

I will sign in by wishing all Ugandans a Happy " JOHAN LUWUM DAY" .  This gentleman has many lessons to take from his deeds of work. He was a resilient man who could not keep quiet seeing Ugandans in agony and dictatorship. In the present day, many of the Clergies have kept quiet for the sake of Keeping their economic relationship with the dictator strong. Of course, every Ugandan knows that the self proclaimed men of God have kept quiet even in more trying times. The Kasese Massacre, Vote Rigging, Human rights abuse etc.
Yesterday, I was pretty shocked to learn of a very pressing issue of water shortage in some government institutions. The water issue is becoming a more critical one in the country. The water crisis that has hit the Police, Army and Prisons should be the last call to the regime to handle the case amicably. According to the dailies I quote " In the last four days, several police and army Barracks as well as government prison in Luzira has been undergoing crisis after their taps were disconnected by the NWSC. "
We all know the effects of distributing unsafe water to the public. Uganda poses a high risk of being attacked by deadly water borne diseases including deadly cholera. But this government also!!, how could they get billions of money to contain Besigye and fail to clear their bills?  A whooping debt of 8 billion for the police, 6 billion for the prisons and 11 billion for the army is worrying. Am so disgusted the government prioritised giving a " golden handshake" to people instead of clearing the debts. The " water issue" is a national issue which must be handled as soon as possible. It is hitting Uganda left, right and Centre. The water issue in Kasese and Kilembe mines will be my next focus in the next edition.
Considering the threats by the NWSC of supplying untreated water to the public poses high risks of an epidemic in the dirtiest city in East Africa. I will sum up my article with the looming hunger that is claiming many Lives in the Karamoja region. What hurts me is the imbalance of resources al allocated to disaster prone areas. You may recall very well that when the hunger strike hit the Isingiro district, many of the government officials be it opposition quickly responded to the call by providing reliëf to the area. Why don't they do the same to Karamoja? Isn't Karamoja part of Uganda? Many questions fewer answers.
More pressing national issues will be addressed in my next edition.
Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente
A journalist who works with the Rwenzori Times.
Member of the Dream Team.
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye
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