Friday, February 10, 2017

#Uganda rebel leader #Museveni turned president ready to attack #DRCongo


Uganda and Rwanda are preparing to attack DRC again using M23 rebels that was defeated by a UN combined forces. Museveni has been secretly training M23 rebels inside Uganda and many Ugandan young men were deceived into joining UPDF but only to find themselves forced to join the M23 rebel force.

The recruitment and training was intense after the mysterious death of E. Tshisekedi the opposition leader in DRC who died at the age of 84. Last year Uganda announced that most of the M23 rebels that had surrendered to Uganda had disappeared and the government had no knowledge of their whereabouts. Some of the M23 rebels have crossed from Rwanda through Bugeshi in Rubaru district into RDC.

Kabila's hold onto power is in jeopardy after the recent negotiations for him to stay in power for a year. Now that the opposition leader is dead, the deal hangs in a balance. Museveni slaughtered Kasese residents on suspicion of being opposed to his power but he is very good at sponsoring rebels to topple other regimes.

Most of those M23 rebels that allegedly escaped from Uganda took heavy military hardware and believe it or not, apparently without Uganda government's knowledge according to the government of Ugandan. Similar claims were made by Museveni government when Rwandese in NRA invaded Rwanda.


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