Thursday, February 16, 2017

#Uganda politician loses it on Facebook

Four years ago, I proposed to Ugandans that Social Media should be taught in schools and many laughed at me. They are not laughing now.

Uganda government employees can entertain. Below is someone's post on Facebook and doing the rounds in WhatsApp groups.  Before you laugh, the man being talked about is Moses Atocon and all this time I also did not know that he hides his identity and is a fake woman.

These Ugandan govt people need to hire aocial media experts. Moses is real and he is a man.  He lives in Europe.  He is from Northern Uganda.  I can locate him anytime. In fact maybe I should call him today and ask him how he duped me too.

A well paid govt apologist posting on a global forum about Moses is what we call low or stupid.  But stupid can be STUPID.  Common sense is not common.  Sure, some people find Moses annoying but he is a social justice advocate and Uganda hates such people. You really do not want to be on the wrong side of Moses.  Be assured that he is writing a reply to this witch.

From her Facebook wall.

Alaso Alice Asianut

One of the hardest things in life is dealing with people who want to destroy others without you knowing their true identity.

I have had a very challenging week ,This was not at all helped when i had to deal with a faceless character on face book as most of you may have read,The person then going by the name Atoocon has been hiding his identity for years but is quite a ruthless character.The person conducts "his" attacks in a very vicious manner.

Friends you may have noted how this "brother" broke into a celebration after the Appeal court ruling against me.Since i dont shy away from a fight,i decided this should be logically concluded.
Before i do i will tell you all that this Atoocon is a woman using a name from up North to do very bad insults so that it looks like its we the Northerners and Easterners are bad mannered.

The other thing is that the said Atoocon has questions to answer whether in support of defiance stratergy or his or her insults on me,I suppose Atoccon is familiar with the following names and i hope that Atoocon and his or her buddy or boy friend shall be kind enough to answer questions in regard to the following people.... former guild president MUK Opoka,Ocan Thomas and Mugumya and other youth whom Atocoon KNOWS and whose whereabouts they know and MUST explain to us .

Stop misleading our youth and repeatedly abandoning them in police cells, Military prisons,rejecting them when they are killed and pretending.

You woman and your group i have blown up your cover. Recently Atoocon i met you in Parliament crying and apologising to Members for the yellow pigs.If you think defiance works all the time why were you crying and apologising for the pigs.Lastly the lady is from western Uganda and friends go see the profile of Atoocon and you find her smiling there.I rest my case.

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