Monday, February 20, 2017

#Uganda opposition @FDCOfficial1 sets conditions for #Besigye #Museveni talk

FDC friends on Facebook are sharing the following conditions which might be real, unreal or totally made up.  However, should they be the conditions, then of course I have edits!
Our position & conditions on Talks remains the same;
1. A neutral Mediator
2. An agreed upon Agenda
3. Guarantor of the outcomes of the talks.
4. A neutral Venue.
5. An Independent Electoral Audit of the 2016 Presidential Elections.
If they are met, we can talk. So far, the conditions haven't been met.

Dear FDC diehards,
Your conditions for meeting Jarukanga are insufficient.  I would like you to consider adding the following:
1.       1. A neutral Mediator – specify who.  After all whoever NRM proposes will not be deemed neutral in your eyes. You draw up a list of whom you think can be neutral and get Oga to agree to the team.  And it should be a team as some people have been known to die of natural causes upon getting off the plane, some drive recklessly on Uganda roads and others develop bad belly aches.
2.      2.  And agreed upon Agenda – WRITE THE DARN AGENDA.  After all this meeting is for appeasing you.
3.       3. Guarantor of the outcomes of the talks – I would have thought it would have been the mediator but then again I am known to make mistakes. Please be kind enough to specify who will guarantee the outcomes of the talks.  BUT wait a minute right there. EXACTLY what do you mean by GUARANTOR of the outcomes of the talks?  I think of this word as the person who signs forms for me to renew my passport.  Hence, you might want to be more elaborate about what do you mean by this and the Guaranteeing will entail what?  Like kick the leopard out of the seat or what?
4.       4. A neutral venue should be specified.  BE VERY specific with this one because even the Twin Towers were bombed.
5.       5. An Independent Electoral Audit of the 2016 Presidential Elections.  NOW THIS ONE IS AN INTERESTING ONE.  Do I remember reading in the media that the documents were destroyed or the polls were fudged or the polling agents vanished or the offices were raided and papers arrested?  Do you have a copy of the results that you need an Independent Auditor to go through them?  It would have helped if you had been paying attention during the years when I was preaching cloud computing and storage. There is no reason why you should not have had your documents stored on a cloud server!
There are many other issues but likely not important to you. For what it is worth, here you go:
Daily deaths in Karamoja from starvation (yes, daily)
Kasese massacre and construction of a defense centre in Kasese  which likely is nothing.
Oil refinery but I do not suppose you saw that contract recently awarded to the builder of the refinery.
Countrywide drought and hunger but I suppose people can live on air for the next 3 months since the rains came last week.
All politicians, policemen or army who shoot themselves or develop food poisoning must be treated in their home constituency hospital.  This will avoid people dying getting off planes or some from there being no blood set in a hospital where their relatives do not work. 
Nebilala, nebilala. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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