Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#Uganda opposition #Besigye owns the Uganda #TotalOil Petrol Stations - Unreal!

The included clip / video is in Luganda but very powerful.  The elder lady about half way watching it says it all. "Museveni touched the Bible and said he would leave power after 4yrs because of leaders who over stay in power….All the things he swore were bad is what he has done.  If he dies I will not cry. We are tired..."

Dr. Kizza Besigye is in UK and will be at The International Convention at The Hague with other well wishers for a peaceful transfer of power from dictator #Museveni. Below is what I got from London UK:
H.E. President Kizza Besigye Is Welcomed by Mr. Koen Vervaeke - Managing Director for Africa at the European Union External Action Service in Brussels, Belgium. The Current Political and Economic Crisis in Uganda And Matters of Mutual Interest Between Uganda, The Great Lakes Region And The European Union Dominated The Talks.

I had to half scream at a good friend yesterday who told me that Besigye is one and with Museveni. Sure. I too have faced a hard time wondering about Besigye, Museveni, Mbabazi, Sejusa and Mugisha Muntu. I would have loved to discuss with my friend why opposition is skeptical about FDC something I make public by challenging them nearly daily based on strategy and PR.  But my friend then told me something that threw me off track.

Did you know that Dr. Besigye owns all the TOTAL petro stations in Uganda?  He owns hotels, malls, restaurants, a lot of wealth and he is a very rich man.  In fact he always gets arrested and all charges are dropped.  He never gets his passport taken away for fear of flight out of the country to avoid trial and most of his supporters languish in jail or are presumed dead.  This is a fact we cannot ignore.

Apart from the fact that I always presumed that a passport is a right, I had nothing else to say. FDC is missing hundreds of people with no trace and no one is talking about it.  Actually the biggest joke these days is the fight for EALA and Winnie might be the president in 2021.  Very minute things.

More research is needed.  We need to find out how Besigye can own all the Total petro stations in Uganda and supply all the fuel to NRM, UPF and UPDF (the broke guys).  I had no idea that Total actually allows people to use their name just like that.  Obviously Besigye is more intelligent than the rest of us.  I used to think that Oil companies supply via direct distributor of their own, an affiliate under their terms or someone who pays for a franchise to use their name. 

Martha Leah Nangalama

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