Friday, February 24, 2017

#Uganda #Love - Inconsistency leaves you with no suitors or no suitors with you!

By Denis Wabuyi

#Issue 14

I don't know where I copied this way back in 2013 but one thing am sure of is that it is nearly true. It is nearly true because it inspired me to write about love and here we go!

In my life I have seen so many people who were formerly loved and cherished struggle to settle and normally end up with someone just for the sake.

I have seen guys who jump from girl to girl leaving a trail of tears and sometimes children but then end up with women they would not wish to stay with or "not of their type".

I don't know much about ladies but it may be the same that if you don't stick to one person at ago, it breaks hearts, creates resentments and hatreds but most of all, it takes control out of your hands.

The insatiable appetite you may now have should never be the drive to fall into relationships that you know won't last but it should drive you into perfecting the relationship you're in. Because some people say that you can't find a perfect lover. There are also those adages like pulling your man to the right if you think he is not Mr Right. But most of all, being that am not rich I will also say, don't base your judgment on riches but the capacity, ambition and the visible drive to be better.

Am not an expert in love affairs but what I said I have said it with confidence knowing that it is true.

Let us build loved based on truth, compassion and selflessness but in loving someone make sure you don't lose yourself.

And to all those who are thinking of giving up on their love because of material inability, please give it a try, the one you have as a partner is not an ATM machine, they don't manufacture money, they don't teach love lessons so that she can know all the techniques. They are just as human and so long as they still have the brain, they have the ability to take you to Cloud 9.

When your relationship works out just because you read this, kindly drop something into my Bank account. If it doesn't, still drop there something so that I can think better next time!

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