Monday, February 27, 2017

#Uganda govt wedges war on poverty

The prime minister of Uganda was not joking last week when he was in the media saying that Ugandans need to find greener pastures outside of the country.

I have always said SILENCE IS CONSENT.  Since 2013, I told Ugandans that if you see injustice and do not stand up against it and raise your voice, one time they will come for you.

Many markets in Uganda have been demolished or burned or both.  Many street vendors and owners of kiosks have been with nothing.

Of all places, no one thought that the famous OWINO market would also suffer.  But hey, when Museveni was killing Acholis, no one in Kasese thought he would come and kill you too.

Get rid of all poverty in Uganda. Destroy every business which is not housed in a mall.  Kick off all vendors who refuse to go into expensive markets. Demolish schools which have poor structures.  Give away all the land that people cannot afford to keep while gun wielding land grabbers wanna kill them.

Destroy everything and rebuild from scratch. Allow Museveni to #MakeUgandaGreatAgain by killing off the last remnants of the life we once knew. Chase away all the business people who struggle to feed their families and have no school fees or rent. This is how we clean up the capital city.

By Damali Mukhaye
Stick wielding goons on Monday blocked Kampala Mayor Erias Lukwago and other city leaders from accessing Nakivubo Park Yard market where they had gone to assess the situation following the eviction of vendors and demolition of their stalls by police.
They (goons) blocked Lukwago from coming out of his his car before beating up some of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) councillors who had accompanied the lord mayor.
Minister in charge of Kampala, Ms Beti Kamya in a February 7, 2017 directive gave traders at the Park Yard market thirty days to vacate, which should lapse in a week. The minister says the land in contention belongs to the Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium which, she says, agrees to give it up for redevelopment.
However, police moved in on Monday morning to seal off the market ten days before the deadline.
In a crisis meeting council meeting called by Mr Lukwago, Kampala capital city authority councillors agreed to visit market to get first hand information following eviction of vendors.
According to Lukwago, the authority maintained status quo of eviction in the last council meeting insisting that before eviction, the city leaders had to first intervene in the issue but Ms Kamya disrespected their decision and went ahead to issue a directive which has left many traders stranded.
When the city leaders accompanied by some MPs who included; Micheal Kabazuguruka (Nakawa), Allan Ssewanya (Makindye west) Moses Kasibante (Rubaga North), visited the market on Monday, police had sealed it off and deployed heavily. The stick wielding goons pounced on the councillors and started beating them up. They were rescued by police which intervened in time.
Kampala Metropolitan police commander Mr Frank Mwesigwa told this reporter that three of the goons had been arrested.
One of the councillors, Damba Ismail (Rubaga) was also reportedly arrested while Lukwago and company were denied access.

Stick wielding goons block mayor Lukwago, beat up councillors

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