Saturday, February 4, 2017

#Uganda #Genocide #Kasese massacre - rogue regime now claims #Mumbere commands rebel group

It is truly amazing to watch how Museveni is self destructing.  His imbeciles were all over media and on live camera saying that King Charles Mumbere was in danger.  They feared for his safety so they went in to "rescue" him from rebels by bombing his palace into smithereens.

Now after 2 of his guards have died, thousands of his people have been killed and these jokers wanna release a known killer behind bars, they wanna hold our king.  But the day of reckoning is coming.  Could these liars produce Sultan Makenga and his M23 outfit?  The ones who vanished weeks before the killings commenced?  AND now apparently they are on an assignment in #DRCongo.  But this shall be confirmed.

Tanks rolled into DRC but it is not like I had not warned in November 2016 that Kasese was a preamble to invading DRC (again) sijui to go hunting for Yika or Yira or some Yanga Republic (fluff) when in reality Museveni wants those minerals.  WAIT RIGHT there.  Let us go for those minerals in the Rwenzori area and forget the Yaka republic.

I am not sure about what they did with all the bodies which vanished in Kasese though. Some body better check those mass graves.  Has everyone accounted for the children anyway?  Some mafia have a tendency to child traffic in war zones and even organ harvest.  But this is a theory though until we unearth those graves and count every skull.

Which reminds me, those bodies, remember the ones which used to wash up in Lake Victoria and rivers.  Was that from the Rwanda genocide days? Temunaba.  The best is yet to come.  If I were Kabaka, I would watch my back.  Did the Kabaka's guard not be found dead in the middle of a road in Mbarara or Masaka yesterday?  Who knows!  AND you Busoga, your turn is coming too.  Ask West Nile. Sorry...I forgot, ask Acholi!  OR BOTH.  Some people got promotions for killing though.
Martha Leah Nangalama


KAMPALA- The State has opposed the release of jailed Rwenzururu king Charles Wesley Mumbere on his second attempt to get bail on grounds that he commands a rebel out-fit called ‘Kirumira-mutima’.
The revelation is contained in the affidavit in objection to the king’s second bail application set to be heard tomorrow (Monday) before Jinja High Court.
The affidavit has been sworn-in by detective Assistant Superintendent of Police Emmanuel Ayebare, who claims to be the lead investigator in the king’s charges.
“The investigations in Bundibugyo CRB 630/2016 incriminate the applicant (King Mumbere) as the commander-in-chief of Kirumira-mutima rebel group and in charge of recruitment training and organising attacks on security personnel with the aim of robbing guns,” reads Ayebare’s affidavit in part.
The State claims Kirumira-mutima rebel group is a new rebel outfit whose intention is to attack security installations and rob guns for purposes of overthrowing the government.
Mr Ayebare said there are chances that once the king is released on bail, he might incite the rebels into committing more attacks in the sub-region. He also said the king might interfere with the ongoing investigations once released on bail.
The police officer also claims that since the Omusinga (king) is facing numerous grave charges, including treason, terrorism, murder, he might never return to court once he is released on bail.
This is the second time the king is applying to be released on bail after the first attempt was thwarted on January 13 when heavily armed police personnel rearrested him shortly after Jinja High Court resident judge Eva Luswata released him on bail. The police later slapped fresh charges against him in connection with the Kasese clashes.
The Omusinga has since been arraigned before Jinja Chief Magistrates and formally charged with the same terrorism-related charges and is currently on remand at Luzira prison.
Mumbere commands rebel group - State

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