Thursday, February 16, 2017

#Uganda #Genocide #Kasese massacre - King #Mumbere supporters abandon fight

I wrote a very angry message in our #UgandaNewsBriefing group on WhatsApp today and since I did not post it globally and out of WhatsApp, here you go about the the Kasese Massacre that everyone is pretending did not happen or trying to sweep under the carpet.

In the first place. I am not a Mukonzo or Bakonjo or any of those mountain people from Rwenzori. Oh damn hell no way.  I hail from the other mountain.  Mt. Masaba (aka Mt. Elgon).

Most of you will remember that when the Kasese massacre was going on in November 2016, some retards attacked me on Twitter saying I was making it all up.

How many died from it?  Hundreds?  WRONG.  Thousands of people were butchered.

I lost 2 best friends.  One of them was none of your business and the other one is also none of your business.  Both friends work with media in Uganda and could not understand why I was running the story none stop.  I told both of them (cute men) that I will fight for them too if someone goes killing in their background.

How many months later now and the King was released on bail.  So far we know that 2 of his guards sustained torture in that dungeon Nalufenya in the neighbourhood of Jinja on the way to Busoga or Mbale or Kamuli or Tororo but it is considered Eastern Uganda.  You might want to know that Nalufenya, Jinja, Kamuli and Iganga have very powerful women in Uganda's parliament.  You might also want to check out my articles on Jiggers in Busoga.  So let me let them off the hook because once jiggers get into your head, you lose your thinking capacity despite being a well qualified lawyer well known around the world who needs a helicopter to go to Munsiko to thank the elders for why we have not lynched your sorry ass!


So these Bakonzo, sijui FDC, or Bakongo or opposition or relatives of the dead and deceased or disappeared or under immense daily scrutiny celebrate King Charles Wesley Mumbere (may God bless him) getting bail.  Do you know how infuriating this is?  AND for you people from that place to make me even share about his bail and celebrate it was the biggest insult to my face.

I would have proposed the following 2 conditions.  Shaaa, my friend who is a diehard NRM lawyer had warned me about you all that appointing Winnie Kizza as LoP (loser of opposition) was gonna hurt opposition.  But I will soon write about her.  Let her enjoy the left overs from her birthday cake for now.  OMG.  Can you see Museveni dropping bombs in Bududa or the palace of Bugisu (do they have one?) and I do not cancel my CAKE occasion and show up in Bududa and scream to the world "THEY ARE KILLING MY PEOPLE!".  Damn, I digress again.

1. I will not leave jail until all my people are freed.
2. I will not make a statement to media about any arrangements with OGA regarding my kingdom.
3. I must have all the people in my kingdom accounted for, dead or alive.
4. The government must reconstruct everything it destroyed starting with the palace, all houses but mostly rebuilding the families torn apart and repairing all the broken hearts.
5. All army and goons must leave my kingdom to allow my people to return to a semblance of life and plant food before the rains vanish.
6. All mass graves are to be marked.  All the dead must be accounted for.  I demand for an independent international forensic team to come exhume the bodies bringing with them pathologists who are not affiliated with Museveni so that we can account for every lost life.
7. Drench all rivers and the lakes.  Find all the bodies.  Examine every body to ensure that there was no organ harvesting.
8. Set up a widows / widower foundation paid for by the government to care for the ones who lost their spouses.
9. Kasese / Rwenzori education foundation to be set up and be funded by government to provide a half decent education for the orphans.
10. Test all the drinking water in the region from lakes and rivers to ensure that my people are not getting poisoned from contaminated water.


Has Uganda and the world forgotten about the mineral deposits in the Rwenzori area?  Or have we forgotten that this region voted over overwhelmingly against the current dictator?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Her Royal Highness, Princess Leah of Bududa.

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