Tuesday, February 7, 2017

#Uganda #Genocide #Kasese massacre - King #Mumbere released but no visitors

Point 2

I have just known that I can't get access to the King per conditions set on him. I had planned to pay a visit to Muyenga tomorrow to carry out an interview with the King on behalf of " THE RWENZORI TIMES"  only to be told that he is inaccessible.

Is he still a prisoner or he is not? Elites get me the answers as soon as possible. Were the conditions set by Court or they were being endorsed for approval by the Rogue regime? Do the Royals feel comfortable to be his only subjects now?

These Royals have betrayed the soul of the late Eriya Mutunzi. May his soul Rest in Eternal Peace. This man was battered, Caned and harassed by the Batooro during the independence Movement from Tooro Kingdom. He used to telling me stories about the Mighty Kingdom but never did he talk about the Dream move of the Yiira State. Who designed this mission? Was he drunk? Which type of weed does he smoke?

The NRM government is using this as a stepping stone in the Rwenzoris to buy back the lost love. In fact to make matters worse, one of my NRM friends commented on my subsequent updates to give NRM credentials about his release which I rubbished.

What has the NRM government done Wakyiri to rebuild the bombarded Palace? Let me hope you have it in your plans. The NRM occupation will and never ever convince me and my Family to get back to terms.

I cannot accept that the King is out of Prison. And yes, he is.

Sir-Mutunzi Hason Cente
The Dream Team
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye
Keeping Hope Alive.

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