Thursday, February 23, 2017

#Uganda #Genocide - have we forgotten #Kasese massacre this fast?

The last time I wrote about the Kasese massacre? Yes massacre was when I was wondering why and how the defendant would judge over the appellant and why the victim was to be arraigned before the defendant to receive justice. Yes, there is supposed separation of powers and one would say that courts are independent of the Executive but in the African setting that works by mistake. The answer to the Rwenzururu question is still far if we continue searching for it in politics.

From Colonial times, the desire by Rwenzururu people to live in an organized society where rule of law prevails has been portrayed in their resistance of bad governance and their courage to lead change. In fact many times I have been convinced that what is said of Bakiga is exaggerated in terms of straight talk and courage to attain what they want. They are dwarfed by the Bakonzo. Unfortunately many of us have taken this to reflect lawlessness and love for violence but truth be said, the response of Kasese people toward NRM aggression and provocation is what you would expect from any normal person. We have however taken our weaknesses and feeble hearts to be an advantage as we let the NRM time bomb tick toward explosion.

What we saw in Kasese is merely a reflection of what will happen to Buganda, Bagisu and Basoga the day they stop allowing NRM to manipulate polling results and put Museveni's proxies in the right place.

Therefore the solution to a Kasese like occurrence shall not be found in the luncheons, discussions and political compromise, the solution is in bursting the tumor. It shall only be achieved when we the oppressed rise up, by all means and with all our energies resist the NRM dictatorship.

We now know that treason can never be when the majority rise up against the dictatorship, treason is if we don't avenge the killing of innocent people in Kasese, treason is when we lose our beloved daily in a broken health system, treason is when we let our children languish in a system that can keep them in their illiteracy, treason is when you alow an elected president lead from Luzira as the impostor siphon from the National coffers.

Never say we didn't warn you, the Baganda were killed and we said they are hypocrites, the Acholi were murdered and we thought they were killing themselves, the Bakonzo were massacred and we thought they are arrogant. If you don't act now, you're next.

Defiance is the way to go!

Author's name with held for security reasons.

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