Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#Uganda desperate youth #Scam Alert - AIM Global aka Alliance in Motion

By Pius Wong

It is Monday morning and as usual my schedule starts at 0600Hrs, I'm up and ready to head to work which I did so and within 30 minutes I'm at work already since my Busoga city has no traffic jam.
On reaching work, I'm struck with the grinning Mr Sam whose  face this day signifies something special happened to him. He tells me that I'll never forget you and I've a deal buddy. With curiosity and anxiety I ask him which deal could that be?

"It is an opportunity to make money, I mean real money". So what's it exactly, he tells me that "this is your chance to work with an international company, Aim global/ Alliance in motion, part time and you'll make a million shillings a week, all you've to do is invest 778,000shs and I'll sort you on how the deal will progress. I've made 300,000shs in three days and yet I've just started".
Wow! I like the idea and count me in, but first though, I've some fees issues to sort.. Thanks Sam

Intermission!!!! (1year ago)

We had a whatsapp forum, I met a lady and I liked her ideas. We had something in common and it was the field of nutrition and we started with simple "Hi" to start bigger prospects discussions. She introduced me to aim global aka alliance in motion and I was excited about it and yes, it sounded too sweet to be true and within a few days I subscribed and became a member for 650,000shs, yes, I received nutrition supplements and waited for my chance to become a millionaire or even  billionaire should I invest the proceeds from Alliance in motion. An account was opened for me and I received about 50,000shs(virtual money) and this was the last time I made money from alliance in motion. My naivety led me to lose money but also saved some few friends of mine.

Sam a colleague at workplace continues to sell the idea and has lured many people to what I'd call throwing their hard earned money in a pit but the amazing thing is, no one is listening to me and they've branded me Mutwe mwavu

Life will move on but when will Ugandans ever learn....

If you have been approached to invest in Bitcoin, please inbox me on Facebook or WhatsApp me +15068716371. I will only ask you to explain to me their business model. Martha Leah Nangalama

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