Sunday, February 19, 2017

#Uganda businessman kills employee over missing money - forced to drink acid

Old Kampala Police Station is holding a city businessman in connection with the death of his employee who was allegedly forced to drink acid over missing Shs60m at his car bond in Nakulabye, a city suburb.

Mr Emilian Kayima, Kampala Metropolitan Police spokesman, confirmed that businessman Isma Kayanja was arrested on Friday morning.

“It is true we have him in our custody and we are likely to charge him with murder since the victim has died,” Mr Kayima said.

Police said Mr Kayanja dropped Mr Mbuusi at Old Kampala police station when the latter was already in critical condition and registered a case of theft against him. The police then took Mr Mbuusi to Kirudu hospital upon realising that his condition was fast deteriorating.

The dying declaration
At Kirudu, police said Mr Mbuusi reportedly made a dying declaration that was recorded on video in which he informed his relatives that he had been tortured and forced to take acid in Mr Kayanja’s car.

Mr Mbuusi was taken to the hospital handcuffed but the device was later taken off his hands after police realised his life was in danger.

Mr Haruna Ssemwanga, Mbuusi’s supervisor, told local media that the plan to steal the money was hatched by one Katongole, who is still at large. Mr Ssemwanga added that Mr Mbuusi while being interrogated by Mr Kayanja revealed that he was given Shs3.5m.

Police have also arrested a one Joseph Kalyango, who is suspected to have bought the acid that was given to Mbuusi, causing his death.

“I have never heard or seen someone taking acid on his own. But we are waiting for a postmortem report from the government analytical laboratory,” Mr Kayima said.

Mr Mbuusi’s case comes on the heels of two other cases in court in which two city tycoons are accused of torturing people to death.

Mr Muhammad Ssebuwufu, the proprietor of Pine Car bond, is accused of killing Betty Donah Katusabe over a Shs10m car debt while Mr Andrew Kananura aka Desh is accused of clobbering to death Mr Badru Kateregga, a bar attendant at his Panamera bar.

Dangers of swallowing acid

Hydrochloric acid is considered as a common chemical but it has a powerful smell that can be lethal if too much is inhaled. Prolonged exposure to hydrochloric acid can cause detrimental health effects, even at minimal levels. Since it is quite common, both people and pets can swallow or breathe it and the effects can be deadly. Since hydrochloric acid is caustic and highly corrosive, exposure to the chemical can cause burns in the mouth and throat. These burns can be severe or even fatal.

Employee forced to drink acid over missing Shs60m

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