Thursday, February 2, 2017

#Uganda #31years - President #Museveni is not a servant of Ugandans

By Denis Wabuyi

#Issue 8

On 26th January 2017 in Masindi while giving his speech on NRM Liberation Day president Yoweri Museveni told Ugandans as not being their servant but a person who is fighting for his beliefs and protecting his freedoms. Literally this would mean a political demise to an individual in a country where people power matters and their voices can be heard and even where their voices matter.

But in a country like Uganda, president Museveni was just being honest; he was bringing out the true description of a political leader in Uganda; they are next to God in hierarchy. In so many contexts and to some of their subjects they are above God. It is why you see pictures of men and women who have never knelt in church before God kneeling before their political leaders not as a sign of respect but to catch the eye and be uplifted by the same politician to a place somewhere near the throne.

In Uganda like most African countries, politicians are a great force to reckon with and your closeness to them can take you places. Can you call that one a servant? And in reality political leaders are bosses to the voters because from the summit to the LC I which is the smallest political unit very few if any come to power as a result of will of the people.

 And neither do they come to power to serve but to also eat. In cases where democracy looks to be exhibited, there has been cases of voter bribery and misinformation that it is not the goodness or ability of the politician on the ballot that influences the voter but the 1000 that the voter was offered in exchange for the vote. In extreme cases where the "rats" are enlightened, electoral results are changed in favour of persons who appointed the electoral commission because even the commission serves their bosses.

But in my opinion, being in power for many years and failing to have an awakened electorate that can demand service from their leaders is a shame that any leader should carry to their grave.

Such leaders exude impunity of the highest level to serve their satiety appetites for power and influence. Because if you're a leader but not a servant it means you can't be held accountable by the electorate, it means that your actions are unquestionable and examples are now not very far from what we see in Uganda.

So the next time we go to the ballot, our votes shall go to the highest bidder. After all who wants a poor boss if being a voter means that am a servant to someone's ego?

Our votes shall be in exchange for money, "Kagwirawo" because we shall be uplifting you to the same position as gods. The same supplication we exhibit to the gods in search for blessings is what we shall exhibit when coming to your offices.

Being close to you is being close to influence; we can get access, we can get better jobs because we voted against your rival, we  can get better medical care, front seats in church and probably when we die and find Angel Gabriel on the gate, we shall mention your name and the big road will be pointed to us, with this (dis) grace we shall follow you to a "destiny" where we shall all be equal.

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