Thursday, February 2, 2017

#Uganda #31years national exams reveal kids can't write English, national language

If life determining exams are going to be set in English, maybe we need to learn English.

Hw z ya dei is not English.

Do u hv a prblem wz English is not me.  It is you.

My namba z == And you really think I care about your number?

Being on social media does not mean that you can bastardize the English language (Bastardise, I am using American English).  What is even scary is people writing like that and then demanding that you do not judge it because it is the "usual" language.  Consequently, I drop out of groups and if you contact me via inbox or private on WhatsApp. you get blocked.  Sorry for all the ones I blocked. Why write U when you can write you?  Or the other one bcoz?  I even had no idea what this one meant.

A friend told me that someone was stuck on the border of Busia to cross into South Sudan and go to Juba.  I replied that Busia is no where near South Sudan (I know my Geography).  The brother replied "z it English u do nt understand".  Precisely.  Because if you write like that, you will think that Busia is on the border with South Sudan.

What Ugandans are doing is encouraging a culture of complete laziness.  I once saw a job advertised to teach English for S3.  An applicant said "call mi, I hv a certificate to tich English".  I was mortified.

I have been telling Ugandans for the last 4 years that using abbreviations become a habit you even forget when it is inappropriate.  I have been told that all employers in Uganda are used to it.  I then always wonder why 85% university graduates are unemployed.

This brother sent me his NGO proposal one time.  I replied to him "Please rewrite it in English".  His reply "Leah, U r arrogant.  There z nothing wrong wz it".  There you go.  So you want me to help you to find donors but you think it is wrong for me to tell you to rewrite your crappy proposal in English just so I can understand it?  Mind you, I have no idea how many project proposals and business plans I have reviewed in my life.

So if you cannot write properly, how do you expect people to fund you because you know they will need progress reports and the world does not speak Unglish.

Come along with me and then you will see. "Mi name z Leah. I cam frm Bududa".  My family would murder me for saying something as simple as what I just said.

Ladies and gentlemen, International companies are exiting Uganda for many reasons but please be serious for the ones which remain.

Your own media said that Uganda missed out on sh. 257 billion grants for Climate Change because the project proposals were written so badly they were shelved.

Please make an effort to write properly.  It is your life.  It is your future.  Write in Lumasaba if you have to but please write it well too.  Although, none of the conferences I ever attended in Canada, USA and France allowed me to present in Lumasaba and insisted on English and failing that, in French.  Luganda, Lusoga, Lumasaba do not rule world commerce.  You will soon find out that neither does Swahili or Chinese.  China always brings along translators to interpret into English or at best, the people who do business on behalf of China speak proper English.

I have worked in IT all my life.  We have many translation applications.  When it comes to English, you can select from which language.  I always select British or American.  To this day I have never found a selection for Unglish.

Perhaps Uganda is an independent country and does not need the rest of the world so Uganda can get away with graduating university kids who say WELL BE BACK.  Of course soon, we get FB posts of returning their dead bodies for having been sold to Arabs as slaves.  Do you not think that if you could read or write you would see the fine print on the contract and read that you will have your passport and phone taken away when you land in Dubai?  Sorry, I forgot to tell you that reading helps too.

Since when did Welcome Back become WELL BE BACK and this by Makerere students?

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
All my English was taught to me in Uganda so my being Canadian is not the reason.

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