Wednesday, February 8, 2017

#Trump chose a #Christian fundamentalist for #Education

I do not have issues with Christianity in schools but I have an uneasy feeling for when Christianity becomes the judgement stick for society's values.

The Christian religion has been used for centuries to maim and kill.  Just read about the damn thing.  Christianity was used to colonize Africa.  The same religion was used to kill natives in every continent which welcomed Bible carriers.

Christians do not even stop at killing none Christians.  They kill their own.  Do you wanna read about the Jesuits in South America or dare you even read about what they did in Canad and USA?

If you think that your being Christian accords a high place in heaven, you shall be asked about the current killings in Central Africa.  Or even before that, Catholics were killing protestants in Ireland and vice versa.

Christians are the most hateful people one will ever meet.  Christians hate with a passion like no other.  They preach a hate I have never encountered in any other religion.  AND they kill.  Do they ever kill!

I come from a country which thinks it is full of Christians but Ugandans kill each other daily and the media is full of stories of pastors killing for witchcraft or blessings or whatever they call it but Christianity would not have been my choice of religion had I been given a choice.

Christened Anglican, raised Roman Catholic and the nuns made me hate religion like I will never forget.

So when the biggest super power chooses Christianity and chastizes Islam, it makes me fear.  Good thing my Roman Catholic Christened kids raised as Anglicans do not live in USA and never will live in that United States of Africa (it will be by the time Trump is done).

For education, Canada allows religion in schools.  In fact the province of Ontario funds public and Catholic.  The province does not fund the other religions.  Our children started school in Ontario before we were transferred to the province of New Brunswick.  In Ontario, we had elected for the girls to attend the Catholic school (St. Elizabeth Seton in Scarborough).  In New Brunswick, since no religion is allowed in schools, our girls had to attend our community school with no GRACE for their meals.

I do not think that the province of New Brunswick is wrong on seclusion of religion from public schools.  When our child wanted to go to a Christian school, we had to bite the bullet and did not come out demanding that our child had to have religion in school.  So we put her in an independent Christian school in grade 5 and it was the best thing for her.  Our younger one refused.  Both girls have done well.  One in a school that cost a bit of money but must follow the provincial public school curriculum.  Our little one remains in a public school and reads her Bible daily.

For the US to think that Christianity is the way to go (a fundamental Christian as person in charge of education says plenty) is to send out a very clear message that Christianity is what is most desired.

If you think that the current changes in USA are temporary, think again.  These things set precedents.  So today we ban Islam and the next president might ban Christianity.  RELIGION DOES NOT BELONG IN POLITICS.  If you think that your religion must be protected in parliament, then your religion is not strong enough for you to fight for.

I will end with a quote from my Ninja (Denis), if your religion tells you to persecute others who do not believe what you believe in, then please start with yourself because maybe we do not believe what you believe!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada - where we have choices.

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