Monday, February 6, 2017

The hunt for #Uganda's most notorious criminal #TVO is underway

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I am closing in on TVO so Uganda intelligence better listen and act.

I got a call at 2:30AM my time from a distraught mother.  Her son is in one of the hospitals and she was going on about how apparently there is no medicine in the hospital.  My first reaction was she could actually be serious.  Then I realised that she might be TVO.

Then this Mugisu texts me that his mom is on a drip (whatever that means) and has been diagnosed with Typhoid and given Panadol.  This guy was joking (I hope).  I think he is TVO.

And just now a father tells me that his son is in hospital in Kampala and the doctors are asking for too much money to treat the little boy and mbu he does not have school fees for the 3 kids for next week. DAMN!  I told him that I think he is trying to trap me because he is TVO.

Then this nephew who claims he is gonna take one year off university because apparently I have not sent the exorbitant tuition yet. I told him "TVO get out of my head".

Next thing I know people will be calling me from kiosks being destroyed or markets being sold and them being evicted and I will tell them "temunsamuliza ennaku yamwe kubanga eyange emala".  For all I know they could all be TVO.

So this makes finding TVO very easy.  As I said yesterday, TVO is many people. The trick is now to find out who exactly TVO is.

For all those who have asked me if TVO has been arrested, I ask you "you mean to tell me that you are not in the cooler yet?"

Someone said "the regime has shut down TVO's page".  This is what you get when you have been living in a cave.  Did you know that anyone can deactivate their account and restore it at their convenience?  Did you also know that one can Unpublish a page and then rePublish it later?

I say call in the Ghost Busters to get this TVO.  You could also dial Inspector Gadget or the Expendables.  But we might actually need Sherlock Holmes.


Martha Leah Nangalama

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