Friday, February 24, 2017

#StellaNyanzi smacks her #Uganda critics - #MakerereUniversity

Now that I have been ordered to report back to duty with immediate effect, are the journalists who misrepresented my protest at Makerere University going to eat up their words?

Are the haters who waxed thick about how I was fired from work going to cut off their lying tongues? Are those who threatened to arrest or beat me up going to beat themselves with angst? Will those who pronounced me insane, go and check themselves into Butabika?

Now that Makerere University is refunding my salary that was illegally deducted from me during the illegal suspension, where are those who were scorning, ridiculing and shaming me?

Does Makerere think that they can refund my wasted time and reduced productivity arising from the illegal suspension? Does Makerere think that they can buy my silence against their injustices, mismanagement and administrative failures that I previously protested against?

Now that I am returning to Makerere University to work as a Research Fellow, what will happen to all those who denigrated my academic contributions as a researcher? When I continue doing my research that I love, will the foolish line managers continue blocking my promotion on grounds that I do not work?

Will the campus security send brainless security personnel in plain clothes and with handcuffs hidden on their person? I am thinking of walking nude on campus for as many days as the university illegally suspended me! *Stella Nyanzi*

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