Sunday, February 5, 2017

#Span takes on religion - #Uganda #31years

By Nathan Span

Why are we worshiping a white man's religion or Arabs' religion?

Before these people came to Africa and Uganda in particular, we had our own God and that God we called him KATONDA and to day all Baganda still call Him Katonda.  Let it be Muslims, Catholics etc., Katonda is still Katonda.

The white man or Arabs told us that we were worshiping the wrong person and we should be calling that person God  or Allah because in their countries that's what they called their diety and they changed our way of worshiping.

These foreigners wiped everything that we worshiped and made sure that everything was changed. Even the Bible was changed and the only thing that remained unchanged was KATONDA even in the Bible. These foreigners tried so much to make us stop using the word KATONDA but failed up to now.

The Banyankole also had their God and called him BYARUHANGA as well as others tribes. Bagisu called God WERE and still do.

We consider KATONDA to be our God or Allah.

Where did the name KATONDA come from? Obviously not from the white man or Arabs. Let us go back and worship KATONDA, without wearing nice clothes or Arabic Kaanzu.

Worshiping KATONDA as God or Allah we are supposed to go straight to hell.

KATONDA gave us our own languages to praise Him very clearly and that the language we should be praising Him in is Luganda because that's the language He gave us; Luganda, Lusoga or whatever your mother language is. If KATONDA wanted us to praise Him in English or Arabic, He wouldn't have given us our own languages.

We should stop being mislead by foreign religions and their propagandists.

Who is KATONDA and why did we abandon Him and instead started to pray to GOD or ALLAH?Where did the word KATONDA come from and why it's the only word the white man or Arabs failed to change????  KATONDA is real, has been and always will be.

Things that make me go hoooooo.

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