Monday, February 20, 2017

Severed Pig heads dropped at #Uganda parliament in protest of #Shs6Bn #OilCashBonanza

The severed heads of pigs were left along Kimathi Avenue between KCCA offices and Christ the King church on Monday morning by unknown persons.
The heads, which were painted yellow, had placards with the names of senior government officials who benefitted from a Shs6 billion rewards after the government settled a capital gains tax dispute with oil companies.
According to a police officer who headed a team to remove the pig heads and clean the place, these materials were in a rubbish bin and they accidentally dropped down.
“I have a feeling that someone was carrying the dust bin to a certain place and some of the items dropped off, and what we did like another responsible police force, we cleared the place,” an officer said.

When asked about the placards that were also dropped containing names of the handshake beneficiaries and the money they received each, the officer declined to comment saying that he had not taken time to read them.
Meanwhile, two bodaboda riders have been arrested in connection with the dropping of pig heads in parts of Kampala.
Severed Pigs' Heads Dropped At Parliament In Protest Against Shs6Bn Oil Cash Handshake Saga

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