Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Results for Museveni's patronage seats at the #EALA are now in


All congratulations go out to FDC for not succeeding in sending a representative to Arusha.  It was a tight race.  The pay is USD $14,040 for sitting in a useless assembly but if you are unemployed and a discard, it is great money to suck up to Museveni and kiss up to NRM.

Before anyone goes off to say that FDC lost, they need to remember that FDC won the war.  Their fronting of 2 candidates was calculative and you would be naive to think otherwise.

It is only normal that out of the 9 seats, 6 were allocated to Museveni's boot lickers so those were only a fight among themselves.

The remaining 3 seats were allocated for opposition (UPC, DP and FDC, Independent).

Ugandans should look into the 3 seats and who won them.  There is a history behind the 3 winners.

Dr. Munini Mulera had penned an article in Daily Monitor saying "elect true Pan Africanists and not unemployable people who just need a big cheque"...something like that anyway.

Out of all the opposition who ran for the EALA seats, the only person that was truly qualified is Ingrid.  Ugandans will live to regret why they let her get bullied to not getting sent to Arusha.  Ingrid put up an amazing fight and she would have spoken up for Uganda as the video included with this story.

Sadly, Ugandan MPigs chose wimps, unemployable spineless people to represent them in what some of you think is going to lead to EAC integration.  How?  Not the way Museveni keeps betraying the other members in EAC.  This was purely a money grab and I am glad FDC is sending no one.  The party is bigger than the money.

Finally the results are:-
1-Hon. Akol Rose (Nrm) 370 votes
2-Hon. Kasamba Mathious (Nrm) 359 votes
3-Hon. Musamali Paul (Nrm) 350 votes
4-Hon. Odongo George S (Nrm) 346 votes
5-Hon. Mugenyi Mary (Nrm) 341 votes
6-Hon. Namara Dennis (Nrm) 329 votes
7-Hon. Mukasa Mbidde (Dp) 311 votes
8-Hon. Nakawukyi Suzan (Ind) 298 votes
9-Hon. Opoka Christopher (Upc) 279 votes.

East Africa cannot be integrated when member countries arrest, torture and imprison opposition.  It cannot be integrated when member countries betray each other on workable things like a free trade pact with the EU.  AND the oil pipeline is something else.  Basically for the 16yrs EAC has existed, no benefit has accrued to Uganda because they just go to enjoy the scenery and none of them ever raises the constant military incursions in neighbouring countries or the massacres and genocides.

Kenya and Tanzania have lessons to teach Uganda about cooperation.  It will depend on who is willing to see their ego crashed while he is on his knees begging EU, US and UN to fund his military incursions or for food to feed the refugees who come to Uganda because of his military invasions into neighbouring countries.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
#TeamOpposition #MuseveniMustGo back to the bush and eat a raw monkey and not fly to Germany for treatment either.

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