Tuesday, February 28, 2017

One #Canadian reaction to the pigs in #Uganda parliament attacking @FDCOfficial1

Our leaders in Uganda need to understand that we are now in a Global Village in every sense of the word. Whatever you do is broadcasted globally.  Someone might want to remind Kyambadde about how Twitter works and her attacks on the useless hopeless youth.

Had the Uganda media houses not broadcast the pigsty from the EALA elections, we would not have known and our friends would not have known in whichever country we live in who the 438 MPigs are in Uganda.

The reality is Uganda displayed to the entire world the pathetic pretend democracy that exists in Animal Farm.

I just got off the phone with a friend at UBC (University of British Columbia) where he is in graduate school.  The horror of it is that his research supervisor was watching the fiasco in Kampala when Ingrid was being shouted down.

The professor asked two questions:

Why are they acting like that?

Why do they not use the ballot to vote her out instead of just shouting like that?

Now I see that Ingrid and FDC set up the Uganda parliament to show its true colours.

Do you know how much money Canada gives Uganda each year?  That professor asked "all the money that anyone gives to Uganda goes through parliament so who would be courageous enough to give grants which have to be approved by such a parliament?"

Sadly, I also played a part that I had not thought about.  I was replying to Tweets from Uganda media and my global friends saw what was coming down with the whole parliament fiasco.

WHY would Kadaga or Museveni or whoever was in charge let such horrible behaviour happen and do it on live camera?  So the Uganda government hates opposition (strong opposition) so much that they had to allow the cameras to run and film them insulting democracy?  Well done because you showed that there is no democracy.

Uganda has lost a lot of investors because of the violence and beating up innocent people in the streets as well as hijacking planes but to see what one would hope is a democracy be reduced to a yelling match that even 4yr old kids would call a time out for is the low of the lowest. All the videos of journalists, civilians being beat up, markets being burned, evictions out of barracks and off land, demolitions ... these things are all global.

Congratulations Ingrid.  You likely will get into a PhD program in Canada very easily, fully funded and for Human Rights or something close.  You won Big time. Big is BIG. Uganda owes you a big thank you for showing the entire world what happens in the country.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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