Saturday, February 18, 2017

#OilCashBonanza - #Ugandan waitress earns USD $10,000 serving one lunch

Who told you waitresses do not get paid well?  If you are looking for a lucrative job, you only have to move to Uganda and serve rolex and voila! A job made in heaven.

Three office attendants from ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs on Friday afternoon justified to parliament the Shs 35 million payment they each received for their role in the Heritage Oil and Gas arbitration case.

It was drama as the officials appeared before parliament's committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises together with six other officials from the ministry who benefited from the Shs 6 billion oil cash provided by President Yoweri Museveni.

The three attendants included Juliet Nambwayo, a stenographer in the attorney general's office, Sylvia Nakibirango, an office attendant under the directorate of legal advisory services and Veronica Namwenge, an office attendant in the solicitor general's office.

They confirmed to the committee chaired by Bugweri county MP Abdu Katuntu, that they received the cash as a ‘presidential handshake’. They also made it clear that they receive Shs 422,000, Shs 213,000 and Shs 250,000 as monthly salary respectively.

Nambwayo said she was involved in typing correspondences, organizing documents, delivering documents to various institutions, managing files and other records, staying with the legal team till late hours and others.

For Nakibirango, she told the committee that her role was to record incoming and outgoing mails, photocopying and filing documents, delivering documents to other institutions, ensuring that offices are clean and preparing tea for her bosses which she termed as logistical support.

She sent the committee into laughter after noting that the oil case blessed her with the Shs 35 million and she thanks God.

“And for this case, me I thank God I got the money. Yes. I thank my bosses they considered me because if at all they had not considered me I wouldn’t have got the money”, she said.  

Another office attendant in the office of the solicitor general, Namwenge told MPs that they used to appear at office very early to prepare the board room for meetings, photocopy documents for the legal team and that she could particularly ensure that she supervises lunch for the team.  

“The meetings used to take the whole day. I could supervise whenever they bring lunch. I made sure I supervise lunch for them. I supervise the people who have brought the lunch. I would supervise by showing them where to put the plates and also to introduce to them this is so and so make sure you serve them very well.” Namwenge said. 

The three appeared together with Elizabeth Nankungu, the commissioner legal advisory services at the attorney general's Chambers, Martin Mwambutsya, the commissioner civil litigation, principal state attorney, Harriet Tukamushabe, and former acting commissioner civil litigation Robinah Rwakoojo who is currently MP for Gomba West.

OBSERVER  Oil cash: Office attendant paid Shs 35m for supervising lunch

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