Friday, February 24, 2017

#Music @LeeAnnWomack - I Hope You Dance

When we moved from Toronto to Moncton, we got a horse after the kids had been going to Cap Pele for riding lessons and so finally we thought we should get them a horse.

Only people in New Brunswick will get this one.

So we got our horse from Haute Aboujagane and it was one of those wild horses.  A beautiful Native Indian horse that was as gentle as they come and wild too.

We built an electric fence and divided the whole place up for feeding.

This horse used to break out of the electric fence.  He did not run away or anything like that. He would just stroll down the road.  This is a one lane road.  So we had cars and the trucks going into the industrial parc all honking and stopping or breaking and it was a mess.

Because usually behind that big horse, there was a tiny 3yr old girl or 6yr old or both running after their horse begging him to come back home.

The horse always got stopped at the local petro station (convenience store) and Sally and Doug would walk with the horse and the both little kids back home with their horse.

The horse had to go back to the place where we had got him.  I used to play music with him daily but that last day when I had to agree for him to return home, I played this song.  He ate my braids thinking it was grass.  WHAT a horrible feeling to say good bye to something, someone you love so very tenderly. I know the family which got that horse after us and that horse went to a good family.

Luckily the girls still had their dog and cat.  Animals are wonderful with kids. Kids need pets to teach them tenderness because humans can be cruel but animals love unconditionally.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

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