Thursday, February 16, 2017

#Museveni army #UPDF, police use death row inmates to kill Muslim clerics - #Uganda


There are many UPDF soldiers on death row awaiting executions and some are for minor offenses such as losing a gun or causing accidents that resulted in the death of fellow soldiers. The majority of UPDF death row soldiers are from the CentralEastern and Northern regions of the country.

Some of these soldiers on death row are used by the government to carry out executions of Ugandans deemed to oppose or anyone presenting a threat to the government. These executioners are provided with ammunitions and with the help of security operatives, they spy on their victim's routine and a plan is set in motion for the execution. Once they have done the job, they get away clean. After the killings the government arrests innocent people and charges the innocent with the crime.

The police is aware of what will happen and in most cases Kayihura is in the vicinity of the crime. These soldiers are given a second chance to life after carrying out the executions. The targets of these executions have been mainly Muslim leaders and civilians that could posed a threat to the regime.

While addressing the Kabamba attack by NRA, Museveni said that rapists must be shot and killed. This is what we do in the army. If you rape someone, we just shoot you. Article 22 of the constitution prohibits taking another man's life without due process.

It's regrettable that the president of Uganda, proudly talks about executing rapists but he gives a pass to those close to his family like Desh Kananura who killed his employee for accepting a tip, and got away with murder. Desh was given a bond but no MP from the central shaded tears as it was the case for Kanyamunyu bond hearing. Desh is praised by many Ugandans for being a shrewed businessman and Ugandans have forgotten that he beat a young man to death and got away with the murder.

We warn our Muslim Ugandans to tread carefully. Museveni's method of operandi is very well known. Kill and once the public is getting alarmed of the killings you scale back.


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