Saturday, February 18, 2017

Make #Makerere great again - #Uganda

By Julius

I am done with my papers today.  Glory be to Lord. I am working hard not to be like my  fellow lazy Makererians who have constantly insisted on the culture of "hy meaning hey, tsp meaning watsup, h a u meaning how are you (without ?).

If you tell my fellows to write in full, they say writing in full is wasting time. Then I ask my self, why are we at Makerere?

I thought the purpose is clear to READ, UNDERSTAND and then WRITE.  Oooh we need to revamp the culture of reading and writing in order to" BUILD FOR THE FUTURE "

By Denis

Julius, congratulations. You can make Makerere great again. The empires of the future are being built now and we are in the middle of that. We shall get there.

We should not let our laziness pull us back. We need to work hard, empower ourselves and our people. Remember Museveni has launched a war of poverty against us. Those who will beat this battle are those that will seek knowledge and redeem themselves from poverty, ignorance and disease. Yes you can. Whether you study from Busoga University, Kutesa University or the Ivory Tower it will be your initiative. But choose your company well, write well and read a lot.

Yes we can change the dismal future.
We can become great
We can give a better future to our children
We shall win the fight despite the cost.
We shall finally win.

Everyone in the struggle is playing a part.
Those behind the computer
Those on the streets.
We shall be betrayed at times, but at a time when it hurts most, just know that the spring is just around the corner and victory is on the way.

We shall have lost some in the cause but they will look down and smile upon us for we shall have fought a good fight.

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