Thursday, February 16, 2017

#LittleMaid makes an entrance into @TrentUniversity #Canada

Going from UWC Pearson College to Trent University was quite the shocker.  Pearson College was only 200 kids on an island.  Trent University was the biggest school I had ever gone to in a city with a population of 100,000.  I think TrentU was something like 5,000 students and it was awfully big.  But life had to go on.

So this one time, the student union had organised something like Friday movie night.  Sounded great. We used to have that in my high school.

So this movie night was gonna cost us $2 each and of course you had to bring your own pop corn and soda.

It was the Little Mermaid.  What a fantastic Friday it was.  It turned out that our male friends could sing.  The girls were a bit shy but the boys were singing everyone of the songs in the movie.

In the end most of us did not remember anything about that Movie night except the guys singing like Ariel.  Oh my.  Some of them are too grown up now and dare not say that they used to sing like a girl.

Those were the days when we all had to be in one common room to watch TV and negotiate which channel was agreed upon for the time you were in the room.  The guys always had to watch Star Trek. It was awful because the girls wanted to watch BBC news.  But this whole common TV thing hit us one day.  One time while the guys were being Trekkers, the screen bleeped something.  Desert Storm.  Did America just attack a country in the Middle East?  Our lives fell apart.  It was not even a club day so we had to crawl back to our rooms with heads bent down and do our homework.  It was a terrible week.  A terrible month.  A terrible year.  Kinda like now.

Those were also the days when all club visits depended on the bus route (Trent University student ID gives you a free ride on the public transit of Peterborough) and the buses would come to pick us up from the clubs downtown and take us back to our residences.

Those were also the days when all homework had to be done together in the library.  The university had 2 computer labs.  One was for geeks and the other one was for the nice people and you were lucky to get a job in both labs.  One cannot go from coding in Mark IV to helping someone use Word Perfect easily.

But Otonobee College had the biggest auditorium and that is where we spent our Friday nights.  I have no idea what the place now looks like now but I can assure you that Trent University in Peterborough Ontario is one great University.  It is only about 75 minutes drive to University of Toronto.  Hint hint.  Incidentally most of the students from TrentU end up at UofT, McGill or some other places.  For graduate school. Some remain in Peterborough all the way to PhD.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Trent University, Bachelors of Administrative Studies, now Bachelor of Business Administration - Trent University :: Peterborough * Durham, Ontario, Canada - Trent University

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