Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Life choices and Valentine's Day in #Uganda

By Denis Wabuyi


Men just like women have so many decisions to make that people should respect.

On a day of Valentines you have to choose between paying fees for your kid or buying Teddy Bear and a red panty for your Valentine (read side dish).

But because they are both important, you decide to go out alone for pork and later watch football with your buddies.

Going back home at 01:00 am you find that loyal woman who keeps your house and she opens for you. This will be another day's story.

Many times I meet people that religiously celebrate and honor Valentines but I have never fancied myself in the same position. For so being some people have labeled me "cold", "loveless" and all those names that you find laughable and at the same time disgusting.

The only advantage they have over me is that they celebrate the day but I also have an edge over them: I know the origin of Valentines Day, they don't know or let me assume they have never bothered to know.

It drives my mind to a certain radio program that used to run on Impact Radio, "byosoma obitegera?" but in this case I will ask my sisters and brothers who are complaining that their loved ones didn't give them "some" or didn't offer them red gifts, "Do you understand what you're celebrating?".

We Africans have a tendency of celebrating every anniversary and dates that appear in red on our calendars. I wish the same effort is directed to finding out the origin of these days that we celebrate.

Today I asked my ex why she was saying Thursday 16th is a public holiday, she told me it is Janani Luwum Day. Well, I didn't know the day has been designated as a public holiday, but in my stubbornness I implored further to ask whether she knows Janani Luwum and she replied in the affirmative, she knows him.

He is a former Bishop, he died last year and government declared that day to be celebrated every year as a public holiday. * Perfect.

Do you understand what you are celebrating today?
Do you know the origin of Valentines?

Before I put my signature on this article, I wanna say that the above are rhetorical questions because those that don't know the meaning and origin of Valentines Day didn't read to the end!

*Foot notes
Janani Luwum was the archbishop of the Church of Uganda from 1974 to 1977. He is said to have been murdered on the orders of then-President Idi Amin in February 1977.

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