Monday, February 13, 2017

Liberating #Uganda: #FDC's only objective

By Nkonge Charles Tesigulwa

I have heard many people attacking FDC on grounds that it has less number of MPs, District, Municipality & Sub county chairpersons, they argue that this is a sign of having no popular support among Ugandans, they don't know that we are fighting against dictatorship full of election rigging from 'top to down there'.

They don't ask themselves questions like; how many Mps did ANC have to liberate the people of South Africa from the impunity of the apartheid? How many Mps did Mahatma Karamuchandi Gandhi worked with to liberate India and lead to its independence? How many Senators fought alongside Martin Luther King Jnr against Racism in United States of America? How many Mps did Dr. Milton Obote and the team had to fight for Uganda's independence? If you have a reasonable number then you are right to attack fdc on that very ground.

Cheating elections is a culture which has been adopted by Nrm and some of its political party allies disguising as opposition like Upc faction led by Hon. Akena and his wife.

Am hearing many saying that fdc is not going to get representation in the forthcoming EALA elections, I heard Dr. Tanga Odoi salivating and ready to rally Nrm legislators not to vote fdc candidates, many are subjecting fdc to a defensive corner due to our decision to bring two candidates I.e Hon. IBI FLORANCE & HON. INGRID TURINAWE.

First of all it is insane and not right for FDC to subject these two strong and energetic women to an election which is going to be determined by our number one enemy (NRM), Two, if Nrm says that it is taking SIX slots basing on the number of Mps it has in the Parliament then I see no reason why FDC does not use the same, actuary it should be DP & UPC negotiating with FDC to have a slot at least not the other way around as it is.

Having said that, I concur with those who argue that FDC is going to be isolated, actually it was isolated long time ago, FDC is being isolated because we refused to dine with Nrm like UPC & DP did, their members are now crossing to Nrm and the latest is now the former DP National Chairman.

FDC is being isolated because we refused to betray Ugandans for small coins being given out by Nrm. We are ready to make yet another sacrifice like we did in 2011, didn't the 5 years end? What did the nine Mps who were sent to EALA do special for us? Did fdc seize to exist because we had no EALA Mp?I want to tell Ugandans that FDC's main objective is not to occupy these positions but to liberate Uganda from dictatorship, once we all understand this, our work will be simplified.

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