Tuesday, February 28, 2017

@FdcOfficial1's Iron Lady reduces #Uganda parliament to Animal Farm

I have my issues with Uganda's official opposition party FDC but today I am very proud of Ingrid's performance.

In only 7 minutes, she reduced them to. Bunch of pigs.  Now this is what we call strategy.

It is like when Rwomushana or Gashumba say something and all of Museveni's supporters jump all over them. The perfect set up when you want them to come out and display their idiocy.

How hard Ingrid fought to get to talk is how Ugandans should know who is a fighter and who is not.

We know she will not go to Arusha but what has EALA done for Uganda in the last 16yrs?

EALA seats are Museveni's rewards for patronage and nothing else.

But to watch Museveni's concubines abusing Ingrid when they should have been demanding why breast feeding was banned by a nun in a Jesus school!

I think the divisions in FDC will be healed.  Today many Ugandans are proud of the Iron Lady.

The other opposition candidates should have rallied behind Ingrid for a matter of principal.

I do not think Mugisha Muntu's authority has been eroded as Monitor said.  Rather, it may have been an oversight but Muntu is a very intelligent man and could have even seen this coming.  Ingrid's supporters need to now thank Muntu for giving us a chance to see the madness in parliament.

We can all now return to Defiance.  Did anyone even notice that Besigye and Nandala Mafabi remained quiet?  Very intelligent men.

Quiet people are very dangerous.  Who now even talks about JPAM's silence. Quietly he hurt Crane Bank like you have any idea.

The best is yet to come.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
#TeamOpposition #MuseveniMustGo back to the bush and eat a monkey.

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