Wednesday, February 8, 2017

East Africa Legislative Assembly #EALA - what has it done for #Uganda

The fighting to get an MP position as a representative for Uganda for EALA ought to be a wake up call for us Ugandans.

The EALA first sat in November 2001 so this year is 16years of its existence.  The problem is when you ask everyone from Uganda who is campaigning to be an MP in EALA what it has done for Uganda, they have nothing to offer.

The reality is integration is crucial for countries and economies which can benefit from each other and this I believe was the aim for the EAC integration. Until you step back and realise that the entire region is full of despots and Tanzania cannot be bullied.

Magufuli will not be easy to bully. Perhaps the other Great Lakes Region countries for whom Museveni is the god Father are but Tanzania is different.  They do not imprison opposition.

Some 16years and all Ugandans campaigning for EALA positions can still not show what the EALA has given to the average Ugandan.  If you are opposition and you have been in this race, we are justified to call you money hungry as nothing from EALA is for the people.  We do not even have minimum wage (my friends in our news group told me this one).  We do not even have an agreement on debts/loans and agreed upon repayment terms or servicing or even agreements on who to work with to borrow exhorbitant sums of money.

While other countries work with many lenders, Uganda is still stuck with China. Which by the way makes us a province of China.

If EALA were real, we would have an EAC Pipeline company.  We would have an EAC refinery corporation.  We would have an EAC currency.  We would have an EAC army.  We would have an EAC judiciary.  We would have an ECOWAS.  We would boot out thugs.  We would have an EAC land and minerals organisation.  We would have an EAC pension plan.  We would have an EAC universal healthcare.  We would have an EAC motor inspection.  We would have an EAC police force with everyone paid a living wage.

We would have an EAC motor highways force.  We would have an EAC standard of education.  We would send our kids from one country to another.  We would have an EAC conference centre.  We would have an EAC exchange student program.  We would have an EAC education transcript certification office.  We would have an EAC technology center.  We would send students and other employees from country to country to learn and return home.

We would have an exchange of expatriates for each country cannot train all their people but can share the training.  We would have an EAC common legislature such that what is ruled in Kampala High Court applies in Arusha court.  We would have an EAC common initiatives development strategy on every aspect that affects our lives.  We would have an EAC pension common plan such that pensioners in Kenya (where many Ugandans worked) could be assured of a pension in Uganda or Tanzania (I do not mention Rwanda or other countries because they are hurry come ups).  We would not have human trafficking within the region.

WE WOULD HAVE MUCH TO BE PROUD OF.  How can your people be killed and you go dining and wining with the killers?  Were life that easy, many of us would be driving expensive cars and living the dream.  Except our dream is bigger than yours.  Enjoy the glory while it lasts and as your people are buried in mass graves while we mourn where you were cutting cake and looking for diplomatic assignments.

So for opposition to campaign to join the EALA where the EALA being in existence for 16yrs has not even come up with common basic things which Ugandans need is to say, we are bakoowu.

But then again, God is great.  He is letting you all show your colours and fight like pigs in the sty. How different are you now from NRM and Museveni?  No difference.
Congratulations for all the opposition who spent much needed money to get elected to the EALA. That money could have been used for your communities or for you to start businesses instead of sleeping with the man you claim is a bad man when he really is the one you want to serve.

I am no longer on the opposition side.  They have nothing to offer. I should have joined Museveni a long time ago but he also had nothing to offer.  You are all on your own.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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