Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Divide and rule is dictator #Museveni's bread and butter - #Uganda

By Span

For the young generation specifically those born from 1980 and later, you have no idea who the dictator is. The issue of opposition has become what dictator Museveni wanted it to be and he seems to be succeeding.

I have differed from many of my colleagues in FDC and Dr. Kizza Besigye. Many believe that KB is working for Museveni which I believe is false and it is used by the dictator in order to drive public support away from FDC.  Museveni has successfully castrated UPC and DP and the only party that still remains standing is FDC. He has used bribery, imprisonment, death, government positions to FDC members but all in vain. One thing that seems to work is to let his surrogates go on social media telling people that KB is working for NRM.

We have heard of secret meetings in state house where KB and the dictator meet under the cover of darkness  and most recently Ingrid having an affair with KB, but no proof of such meetings or an affair, ever took place. Now we hear of a pending meeting with KB and Museveni but this never came from FDC officials.

The dictator is having the last laugh because this one seems to be sticking. KB has said time and time again that he has no interest in meeting dictator Museveni and if a meeting was to take place, all stake holders, such as religious leaders must be present. It's interesting that all those that claim KB to be in bed with the dictator are those found at the periphery of NRM and no insider has ever said so.

If a meeting takes place between KB and Museveni without the demands publicly spelled out by KB, I personally would stop calling Museveni a dictator and I will refrain myself from criticizing NRM.  Museveni thrives on divide and rule and most of my colleagues know this. We the people have failed KB. Uganda is covered with dry grass and anytime it can be engulfed in fire but we the people keep on powering water onto the grass to avoid a fire erupting.


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