Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Did #Hitler resurrect as #Museveni of #Uganda

By Span

Museveni is very similar to Hitler, except Hitler got in power through elections. Hitler's political struggle lasted for 14 years very similar to M7. Hitler was 43 years when he took power and I believe M7 was 43 too. Both at their age, they were at the zenith of their political struggles. Hitler killed many of his political opponents after he gained power but M7 killed most of his political opponents while seeking power and after he gained power.

Hitler claimed to have had most Germany citizens to be behind him or supported him, and so is M7. Hitler increased the Germans misery through poverty and so is M7. Many unemployed Germans roamed the streets and so are Ugandans today. Those that were lucky enough to have jobs, were still not better off. Many civil servants went without pay for months. German intellectuals were hit as hard as a common man with no education.

Berlin was full of floods whenever it rained and Hitler's supporters always gave excuses for the floods in the city. Hitler invaded Germany's neighboring countries so has M7. HITLER WAS BORN IN BRAUNAU in Australia and M7 was born in BUTARE Rwanda.

Uganda is in trouble!

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