Monday, February 20, 2017

Constitutional amendment is needed to remove #Rwandese citizens from #Uganda

The video is of the two best friends back when they still had love for each other; all gone now. RIP!


You do not have to oppose dictator #Museveni or NRM to figure out that something is very very wrong. Uganda has had three constitutions since independence. The 1962 and the so called pigeon constitution of 1966 as well as 1995. The 1962 constitution was written by real Ugandan citizens and that constitution did not include Rwandese as citizens.

Rwandese have existed in Uganda since 1920s but that constitution of 1962 never recognized them as Ugandans. Now the 1995 constitution created under the watchful eye of Museveni whose origin is of Rwanda and all a sudden we find ourselves having Rwandese as the only foreigners included in our constitution.

The constitution of Rwanda does not include Ugandans in their constitution and why? Rwandese have it made both ways. They benefit inside Rwanda and in Uganda. Most Ugandans born after dictator Museveni grabbed power especially the children of Rwandese immigrants who were born in Uganda cannot figure out why only Rwandese are included in our constitution? Originally M7 had proposed that Rwandese had only to stay in Uganda for a period of five years to become Ugandan citizens.

Ugandans are not allowed to work in Rwanda even though Paul Kagame was raised and educated using Uganda tax payers's money. Uganda tax payers paid for Kagame to go to USA military school in Kanasa and dictator Museveni knew that Kagame was a Rwandese. This is how indigenous people, the actual owners of a country lose their country to foreigners and after years of occupation, wars break out. I swear that if this problem is not rectified in the constitution Uganda will never be politically stable and it's those in parliament that we will blame for future bloodshed in Uganda.

Thirty one years is a lot of time to change a country's demographics and culture and believe me, Uganda one day will be no more. First Museveni had issued an order to punish anyone calling some people a Rwandese and if you called someone a Rwandese then you're considered to be a tribalist person.

Ugandans let us wake up. Those Ugandans that have aided Museveni to occupy our country the likes of pastor Kajanja must be warned.


A Ugandan responded as below:

The mistake to this was made by the constitution making CA. They were myopic or short sighted. Look, they shouldn't have called for the inclusion of a term as confusing as Rwandese, because to do that actually discriminates.

You see when you study constitutionalism you are forced to ask that question and you'll then be told there are Rwandese of Ugandan origins. Then you'll also be told there are Rwandese of Rwandan origins who are not Ugandans. In my view that is actually unwittingly discriminative. Which is why I think Nathan Span is asking the very itchy but unavoidable question.

Now, in my view, like the British, Americans and Canadians do, we could remove the name Rwandese and replace it with a constitutional provision which says anybody who by the writing of the 1995 constitution was in Uganda for say 5 years may become a citizen if they so wish.
Secondly, everybody who by the time of Ugandan independence of 1962 on October 9th was on Ugandan soil, may if they apply become a citizen. Then of course there is citizen by Birth for many of you here.

Such corrections are better and more sustainable than just fearing to debate the question of ethnicity which will inevitably come whether you want it or not one day.  It is why now Trump is very popular.  It is why Prof. Mahmood Mamdani wrote books like "Citizens and the Subject".

As young people let's not go round or under or above tough questions but let's go through them and face them head on if we are going to resolve the big divisive mistakes that the current selfish and green crop of outgoing leaders have created for us.

Let's love our lives in diversity but resolve challenges that exist in a way that helps us avoid bigger mistakes for the future.

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