Sunday, February 5, 2017

#ClimateChange, #GlobalWarming advocates need to change strategy

Car companies do studies in each region where they will sell cars to determine what name for the model might sell.  For some cultural or language names, some names might be ill received.

Meanwhile we have environmental people telling us that climate and change and global warming is a big deal.

Please send some of that warming. People become cynical.  At -16 celsius do you think I care about your part of the world being hot?

With the now 2 weeks power outage for many families in our province, you think I will care about oil problems?  I have no idea how much diesel the generator uses daily to run appliances and give us lights. And when we do not run the generator, we need to fuel the cars which are not electric and with no fuel, we cannot charge our gadgets.

Then heating. Do not cut down trees.  But a house of -19 degrees needs the wood stove running so we need that wood.

We need to customize the messages to each region.

Sure we need to protect the environment but I am freezing. Damn!

Information you might like but could use.

Martha Leah Nangalama
PS: we only chop dead trees from the forest. Chillax!   But there are people in other places who need to cut down trees in order to cook since some thugs steal money and do not extend electricity.

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