Wednesday, February 15, 2017

#Canada's Prime Minister is Joe #Trudeau - I missed the memo

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I had voted for Justin Trudeau and imagine my shock when I woke up and friends from Uganda were correcting me that our PM was Joe Trudeau. After all the work I have put into telling Ugandans about Canada and how I voted for Justin Trudeau, now I had to find an excuse why I had not voted for Joe Trudeau. Damn! Ugandans are tough people so I had to find an explanation of how I had mixed up names. Turns out I had not mixed up names. I do not talk about Canada because it is a perfect country. I talk about Canada because it should be your destination home away from home since it is the perfect country!

During the Ebola crisis, a friend from Uganda had told me that Americans had invented Ebola so they could sell their medication. I told the friend to go eat a monkey and get ebola and get sick and then read the label. MADE IN CANADA.

I found it interesting that the world was reacting about Joe Trudeau when most Canadians were not even bothered since we are digging ourselves out of massive snow storms and trying to keep warm.

Canadians are not even bothered about NAFTA (North American Free Trade Area) being killed by him who shall not be named because we are self sufficient. In any case, that United States of Africa (USA, believe me it will be US of Africa by the time Voldemort is done) needs us more than we need it.

Canada has massive deposits of oil and gas. Canada has minerals galore. Canada has free medicare and free education till the kid hits University. Canada is a multicultural country. We frankly do not care about who you are or where you come from as long as you watch Hockey. You might need English or French of both in order to settle in though.

In Canada, after 3 years of Permanent Residence (PR), you apply and become a citizen. Try that in Switzerland.

Canada gives many scholarships to International Students and the PhDs are funded with PR papers the minute you get accepted (you need to get accepted in a university first though).
Universities - Canada

In Canada, it is illegal to discriminate against an applicant for school or a job based on colour, age, origin, marital status and sexual orientation.

In Canada no one gets intimidated for who they vote for. All our polling stations are in public places with no military. In fact in Canada, public assemblies and demonstrations are normal to the point where if the police harass anyone, the police get into trouble.

Looking at the fiasco that is going on in the country which shall not be named banning people from 7 countries because people from those 7 countries caused terrorist attacks in that country and more so because that country accepted 10,000 Syrian refugees scares them but not us. Canada took in 35,000 Syrian refugees and we have not been attacked except for the incident in Quebec City at a Mosque and you will remember that the attacker came from no other country but Canada.

Choose Canada. It might be uncomfortable to go to the beaches fully dressed but you will not be kicked off the beaches. Shaaa! No one even cares about what religion you choose to follow as long as it is Hockey!

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada website has all the information you need.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada
Born and Raised in Uganda but mostly educated in Canada and working for an American company. Immigration and citizenship

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