Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Bongani brings home Sandy - Chapter 7

After work,  Bongani asked Sandy to pour him a drink and bring it to the bedroom. She knew they were going to talk about Cape Town as he had promised. She knew Taata had a lot to tell her so she  got herself a drink too. Bongani had brought the letters Notemba had written over years to inform Bongani that she was pregnant.  He asked Sandy to read them.

After reading one letter,   Sandy was shocked that Bongani felt it was important for him to let her know about his true love! She got up and started packing her clothes. She was just throwing the stuff in the suitcases.  For the first time, Bongani was crying and begging her to stay.

"Sandy! Sandy! " Bongani begged with a crying voice. "I love you and I need your advice."   "I see it in your eyes! You cheated on me and now I have to read the love letters to confirm! " Sandy shouted.

Bongani was now on his knees begging Sandy. Bongani had never begged like that. Sandy calmed down and asked Taata to get up before his uncle who  was knocking found him on his knees. Uncle asked whether everything was fine and Sandy said they were just talking.

Bongani decided to tell Sandy everything. He said he was sorry and asked her what to do. Sandy  said she wasn't willing to be in a polygamous marriage. She said she had to talk to Notemba not to expect anything more from her husband. She agreed for the daughter to visit and warned Bongani never to go to Cape Town.

Bongani realised that there would be chaos if he carried on seeing Notemba.  Sandy asked  Bongani never to talk to Notemba ever to avoid temptation. Was he going to follow his wife's orders? Was he going to forget all about his first love and those moments they had? Only time would tell.

Bongani still wanted to be boss so he started telling Sandy how she was more beautiful than Notemba. He promised to be the Taata she always wanted.

Sandy to be his valentine. Sandy said she was going to send her son Tabang with a yes. Bongani laughed and said he was glad everything was settled. For Sandy, this dinner was already Valentine's day! It was kisses and hugs. The night was a success. Love was in the air.
They both got home refreshed.

Bongani had switched off his phone to give undivided attention to Sandy. Switching it on, there was a voice message from his brother who was part of the struggle! He has 'high high' meaning high blood pressure.

He had been rushed to hospital and he needed some money to pay the bill. Bongani transfered some money into his account and sent him a quick recovery message. He called him the next day. Sandy knew it couldn't be Notemba and it wasn't.

Notemba has been trying to call Bongani but Bongani is afraid of telling her the unexpected! He keeps cutting the calls. Notemba called uncle Tabang to say she is pregnant.  Uncle has no choice but to pass on the news. Bongani is more confused than ever. He has to tell Sandy! Sandy suggested they both have to go together if he wants to go to Cape Town!

Now Bongani had to call Notemba and tell her he couldn't take her as second wife. But said he would contribute towards  the kids.  Notemba said she was going to wait for him no matter how long it takes for Bongani to give in! Looks like  Sandy is winning.

We have watched people exposed on TV about shop-lifting as far as putting frozen chickens under skirts! Àmos watched people shop-lifting! Some just ate without paying. He imagined they did this quite often.

It is Saturday and Amos has been invited to go out with his friends to the shops. He has no idea what habits they have!  His friend packed the car and they all entered the supermarket to buy groceries then went back home to cook.

They invited girls to help out. After dinner  they exchanged drugs but when they run out,  they resorted to 'blue tooth'! Blue tooth is when others draw blood from the high subject and inject or transfuse the sober subject! Goodness! What is Amos got to do except run without looking behind! They were all too high to even remember he existed. 'Chomie' meaning friend as they liked to call him.

Amos arrived home breathless. He looked confused. Uncle Tabang had been looking for him. Uncle was trying to keep him away from those 'totsi' boys. The city had swallowed them and they were up to no good. Sometimes they went to church  but their lives were indeed crooked.

Amos was invited by Piet Ronah's boy friend  to go fishing. Uncle had asked Angela to organise the invitation. He made a lot of good friends. Fishing is not his thing but he has to adjust in order to make good friends.

Uncle Tabang wants to have a family dinner on Valentine's day! His wife Angela is quite angry because she thought that day would be spent with her husband just like the past years. Of course non of the couples will come to the dinner! Women talk so uncle Tabang knows Sandy must have shown off to Angela! Uncle is very competitive. He wants to give Angela the best Valentine's  she's ever had. Better than Bongani's surprise dinner with Sandy in Sandton.

Uncle is well prepared. I wonder what surprise he has in mind.

"Thanks I will remember that," Said Sandy. She convinced herself Bongani came back to her and  Notemba was left in Cape Town. She did not want to talk to Notemba in anger so next weekend would be appropriate.

Bongani has  been practising how to use his smart phone to order stuff online. He ordered flowers for Sandy and told his son Tabang, "Tell your mum someone is coming to pick her up in an hour." She knew Bongani was planning a surprise. So Sandy dressed up in her new red maternity dress that Taata bought her from Cape Town. Her lips matched her dress.

Her makeup was perfect. Her nails were also red. She let her hair loose in a beautiful hair style. Bongani also wore his new clothes. For the first time they could afford expensive perfume!

Uncle Tabang guessed right. He knew Bongani was planning to mend a broken fence.  Doing something special he had never done for his wife. The stable job was paying off.

Bongani arrived with Sandy hand in hand at Pappas restaurant at Mandela Square  in Sandton. Sandy was so impressed. They talked things over and both agreed to focus on each and forget about Notemba's wanting in as second wife.


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