Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bongani brings home Sandy - Chapter 11

By Zanton

Valentine's day was a day to remember for all the couples except Notemba. She was expecting a call from Bongani but he was too busy spicing up things with Sandy. He has not even taken steps to make Notemba his second wife! Notemba has applied for a transfer to Pretoria. She will be able to get it because there are many jobs for medical doctors.

Notemba is trying to get Bongani's relatives on her side by sending them gifts and money. I doubt the relatives would force Bongani to marry Notemba. But who knows!

Bongani is taking Sandy to Maboneng. A small place with good food, shops and  entertainment preserving South African culture.

Bongani booked airbnb in Kensington five minutes drive to Maboneng. In Pretoria, they got on Gautrain bus to the Gautrain station. They had never been on a fast train with air conditioning.

Just over thirty minutes, they were at Park station in Johannesburg. They caught a Gautrain bus to the Absa Square.

The walls fencing the Square were decorated with paintings of South African cultures. The benches next to the
walls, were built in small compartments and couples seemed to love sitting there. The benches were covered with mosaic tiles that were painted with bright colours. They had pictures of South African coins, township spaza shops and street vendors. Bongani was reminded of their simple life back home. As they sat to take pictures, he said to his wife, "These benches bring couples together. We should come again and sit here." Sandy smiled and handed Bongani a chocolate.

They both kept biting off the chocolate together. Bongani saw most couples cuddling and said, "Let's go before we do strange things in public."

Holding Sandy's hand Bongani led her to the local taxis to Kensington. Bongani remembered the Jeppe place where he got caught up in the shoot out. He didn't want to talk about it.

Shortly they arrived at the airbnb and were received by a kind old lady. The room had dinner and desert on the small table. The double bed had rose petals sprinkled on it. The aroma in the room was not too strong but smelt fresh. Inside the  cupboards, were toiletries, towels, gowns and bedroom slippers. A room with its own entrance was just what they needed.

After dinner they had a shower and exchanged gifts. Sandy said, "Taata we will have too many kids if keep coming here!" Bongani laughed and said, only one more is enough. We need to name him Bongani if he is a boy and Sandy if it is a girl."

Sandy had been given stuff she had never seen as plastic gifts from her friend at work! Her friend said it was a surprise to spice up things. She showed Bongani  but he also did not know what they were! Sandy asked the old lady what they were and she laughed and said. They are intimate toys.

Bongani was shocked that some people use plastics instead of people! "Sandy, I'm not giving you away to plastics, we need to throw them away. We played with toys when we were little!" So Sandy laughed as she threw the toys away.

Bongani put the necklace made of pearls on Sandy that he got her. Sandy helped put the watch on Bongani's wrist that she got Taata. Taata whispering said, "Today we will make the bed in our own way!

They took a Uber to East Gate mall to buy some gifts for the kids. Came back to keep the gifts and went to Maboneng.

Maboneng was full of people. A number of musicians had come to  perform. Both their moves were outdated but they were there to have fun! Being pregnant, Sandy danced gently going round her husband with a slow twerking. Bongani was doing Pansula  and a bit of kwaito! To him age was just a number. Memories of former Transkei homeland  were so alive in both their heads.

It was now ten O'clock and Bongani told his wife Sandy, "We will finish this dance while making the bed." So they left.

At five in the morning they left for Pretoria. The helper had already organised the kids. A friend of uncle Tabang was going to be taking the family to school and work.

Uncle Tabang surprised his wife by flying to Malawi. They spent the day indoors in a hotel. He gave her another diamond ring and Angela his wife gave him a tie that she bought from her friend who sells French outfits.

It has been three years since Angela visited home. The next day they visited the relatives. Uncle Tabang looked as young as they last saw him. A saying, 'Black don't crack', was so right. Some girls walked as though they were twerking in slow motion! Uncle had to ignore them. He didn't want his in laws to think little of him.  The thing uncle Tabang has for girls from Malawi has to stay in his head!

Angela got a small note from her sister. It was from her ex. He wanted to pick up  from  where they stopped! She has a mixed race son with her ex that uncle Tabang does not know about. This was before they got married.  Her auntie raised him as her child and he thinks that's his mother!  After the delivery, she used tightening herbs in order to be like a virgin!  Uncle Tabang knows he married a virgin.

Angela's ex is blackmailing her. He is threatening to tell her husband about the secret if she doesn't sleep with him. She tried to give him money but he refused.
Angela has teamed up with her ex's wife that he abandoned. Angela promised to see him in the dark. Her ex agreed to the deal in the dark. So in the evening it looked like there was power cut at the house! After the deal, his wife that he had abandoned, switched on the lights and he was surprised. He shouted! "How could you trick me? So I guess I need time to think." But his wife moved back and he didn't throw her out.

Ronah spent valentine's  day with Piet at Gold Reef city. They both went on rides although they stayed in doors most of the day. Flowers and chocolates  were exchanged for gifts. Piet is quite old fashioned. He read her  love letters he had been writing whenever he missed her. In the morning, Piet ordered the wrong eggs for breakfast. Ronah stormed out leaving Piet behind. She has done this a number of times! They will probably make up.

Amos uncle Tabang's nephew, kept his door locked. He spent  valentine's day mostly in his room. The helper is chasing after him. He just called home.

Uncle Tabang and his wife will come back in two weeks time. Sandy and Ronah will keep eyes on things in the businesses. Universities will open soon. Bongani and Sandy will start their online business degree.

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